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Analytical and understand the procurement processes

My Company is in the Energy production, Procurering and managing the materials for nuclear power station which need careful analysis and understanding of safety consciousness.

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Long working hours

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They have no structure for the engineer in training programme.

They have no structure for the engineer in training programme. I would like to be in a company that has good training for Engineers. A company that will play a role in registering engineers as professionals with ECSA

Pros: None
Cons: No training structure

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Good for learning with minimal career development in my field of expertise

15 years as ETD officer, acting as coordinator, quality assessor, mentor, facilitator for interaction with learners and colleagues. Administration for record keeping and reporting. Challenges when candidates book for a course, don't attend, and the course has to be cancelled.

Pros: Next possible level for promotion is Training Manager
Cons: Skills development for learners' career independence

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Learnt how to deal with different characters of people.

The Supervisor gives the name of the people to contact on sales for the product all day long you contact people with marketing. I do enjoy this job because I do love to talk in real life was supposed to be a teacher by birth. To have an understanding Supervisor and knows how to treat the colleague and juniors it makes me happy and enjoy my duty. The challenge is when its difficult to reach the target to make a lot of money.

Pros: work hard to get promotion
Cons: i can work long hours if there are benefits like remuneration .

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I am people orientated, I like to work as a team. I enjoy challenges especially overcoming them.

I am applying for this position because it seems as an excellent opportunity to grow and develop. There are no options left in my current employer I want to do something different with better prospects for the future. I want new opportunities. I feel like I have taken every possibility out of my current employer and there aren't any more challenges left. It is time to learn new points of view. I am curious about a new sector or industry. I need new challenges. I know they will be few months of hard training but I will enjoy my work.

Pros: if there are rooms for development and growth within the organisation yes, I would like to grow within the company.
Cons: I do not mind doing routine work, work outside my normal hours as long I will meet the dead line. Meeting my internal and external customer expectations is my main objective.

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I started as a apprentice

I Jesaya chiloane, I'm a qualified electrician who is passionate about his, i am a strategic person who has a combination of electrical and mechanical knowledge, I am a person who is always willing to learn and I am goid on working with other people

Pros: I will be a good assert to the company
Cons: I don't rest when I have unsolved problem

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Operation management

I am Responsible to conduct risk assessments. Attend regional non-ferrous meeting on a monthly basis. Managing security contractors. Implementing health and safety programs, Conducting security contractor training. Conducting crime awareness. Conduct investigations.

Pros: Great opportunity of learning new challenges.
Cons: Dealing more with external stakeholders like general public.

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Excellent work ethics

Reduce downtime to avoid production bottlenecks in order to achieve set daily targets for planned production output. Avoid unplanned loss of load capability factor. Working safely according to OSHA ACT in order to minimise injuries and IOD. .

Pros: Lots of opportunities to develop
Cons: Abnormal working hours

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SAP, Microsoft Office, Powerpoint

I have no engagement with other colleagues since I'm by myself. The only people I interact with I the clients on daily basis. It' so challenging yet uplifting. Having to manage everything by yourself gives you that satisfaction and encouragement. I've learnt self discipline and that whatever goals I've set needs to be accomplished in due course.

Pros: I know and believe that what I do I do it best, so if opportunities come I'll grab them with both my hands, and an open mind. Growth is good, and I love challenges.
Cons: 8 hours a day have no overtime

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Gaining Experience

I have good relationship with my colleagues, we are in constant communication as they have to give me their monthly reports on their projects so I can update it on the system. I have learnt how to work under pressure and keep focus especially in the beginning of the new project. The most challenging aspect of the jobs is when people hand in the documents that have to be signed late and they expect it ASAP.

Pros: gaining experience
Cons: pressure

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