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Challenges and what l enjoy at work

Working in the facilities department is very challenging, especially due the critical environment l work under. The site l work is a national key point with services that running 24 hours a day, seven days a week including public holidays. Equipment has to be maintained and monitored to ensure that risks are reduced to zero. My team has to come to the party, and be willing to be on standby, and be prepared to work long hours. Records of any services rendered should be kept on record and warranties as well. Work has become the great part of my life and l do not mind working over weekends or late just to ensure that a task has been completed.

Pros: A good salary, a supportive team, opportunity to grow and excell, training and development is readily available, resources to effect your work is available
Cons: long hours of work, too much red tape, you only work under instruction and you are not allowed to be innovative and implement what you believe will enhance performance

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Seasoned facilities manager with versatile experience in construction and facilities management

My strong educational background and extensive experience in the construction, project and facilities management industries make me an appropriate candidate for the advertised position. . Since, my responsibilities and duties displayed my leadership, technical, problem solving and innovative characteristics, to those required in the ad of your organization, I strongly believe I can perform well all the delegated duties and tasks. I am committed to perform my responsibilities in professional and effective manner. I make valuable contributions to the teams within which I service, yet still maintain my ability to work independently when required to do so. Furthermore I am a good communicator, accurate and goal oriented Thanks to my wide experience in construction and project management, I can easily acquire new skills required for this post.

Pros: Versatile opportunity
Cons: Instability in the current landscape

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Great opportunity working in different sector as well as the experience gained

Great organisation but has been damaged due to previous leadership. Some of the best resources are leaving which will greatly affect the performance of the organisation.

Pros: One of the largest organisations in SA
Cons: Current financial state of Eskom

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