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The company was excellent.

I did Electrical Trade Test in April and Single Phase Wires License at Industries Education and Training Institute in Port Elizabeth. I worked for Escotek as an Electrician and my contract ended on July 31.

Pros: I was a Team leader for installers
Cons: 9 to 5

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I have learn how to lead a group of electricians and

My daily job is to check all tools, material we will be using during work and I do that in the morning and tools are checked every day after work. I am a team leader at work so we decide with management which site will be working and I help the installer "those who are slow or who get challenges " when installing a Ripple Relay. What I have learned with our team is to work collectively especially when we are under pressure. I have learned to listen to my co-workers and help out those who find difficulties. What I enjoy most is to listen to my seniors and be a team player and never stop learning.

Pros: being a single phase tester have helped mee
Cons: working long hours is always challenging and one has to be more focus especially when fatigue comes

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