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Excellent learning curve

ESCOM stands for electricity supply corporation of Malawi. It is a company that generates and distributes electricity nation wide. It's mission is to produce, supply and trade quality, reliable and affordable electricity through sustained growth, continuous innovation and a motivated staff to the satisfaction of our customers and other stake holders, including the region market. It's vision is to become a preferred world class provider of reliable and sustainable to the nation and in the region. ESCOM has a monopoly power in the country. It is the market leader with a high employment rate. It has given me experience in customer service and has shaped my skills in the best way to handle customers complaints. A customer must be satisfied with the services as a result you maintain customer relationship and retention. In scenarios where you meet an angry customer, have in mind that the customer is always right and always be in the shoes of the customer.

Pros: Remuneration packages are better
Cons: Employs labourers on contract basis hence high levels of labour turnover

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I've obtained two certificates since working with the company. I'm developed

I've got a good relationship with co workers. I'm learning a lot from them, work experience, their culture, their language and their attitude towards work. I've learnt that it is important to work with the company to achieve its goals rather than working for the company to earn a salary. Unprotected strikers and working over hours are the most challenging things in my work

Pros: Promotion opportunities are less
Cons: We sometimes work long hours.

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