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Technical Facilities Manager

I have extensive experience in facilities management, especially in AAA buildings. I have been the facilities manager for organisations as RBS, HSBC, Deutsche bank and the JSE. My current position is facilities technical and soft services manager for First Rand, RMB, and First National Bank. My previous position was Operations manager, managing 11 shopping centres. My technical, financial and human relation skill is highly recommendable, with a bachelor’s degree, and two technical trades behind my name. I’m a very healthy person and have completed 12 Comrades marathons, and am still in daily training. I’m a master electrician with HT certification. I have ISO 9001 and OHS act experience. With over 32 years’ experience in all aspects of facilities I’m an asset to any organisation. Currently I have reach my ceiling with my current employer, I'm to much of a go getter to be contend with that.

Pros: Very strong in property management
Cons: The technical field is relative small

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I assisted customers telephonically, electronicall and with 2nd line support, escalating of calls to higher levels such as vendords, voxTelecom which is responsible for communication, data lines and voice servers and would also lialise with netsurit because it assisted us with helpdesk, assigning of calls and exchange servers.

Pros: working hard in a way that customers/ clients are happy at all times with my service

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Admin is purely management

Working with diverse people from various backgrounds and cultures, some days don't go as planned, from tenant queries to putting out fires (not literally though), to lekker braai fridays and satisfied clients. There's always a buzz, if it's not a copy machine deciding to take a mini vacay, its loadshedding but still business continues as normal.

Pros: Macro management environment
Cons: No opportunity to grow or advance to the next level

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Understanding overall property business

Curretnly a facilities manager who understands and have a sound mind towards overall property management which is inclusive of budgetting and putting in place all maintenance plans in place. My overall experience is also based on strategic planning and overseeing the whole portfolio to enable to report on positive revenue status on monthly basis on performance and spending budgets projections. Managing and concluding is SLA'S is also done on my points of views

Pros: Business understanding
Cons: Long hours to sustain accuracy

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Growth with in challenges

Working for a shopping centre that feeds over 800 000 feet a month comes with its own challenges, these challenges are really grooming and strengthening your problem solving skills and communication skills.ive learnt patience, tolerance and sympathizing.i have grown tough skin as everyone was looking at me to give direction/ solution to any problem or situation..

Pros: Been given authority to decide on my tenant mix
Cons: My phone was suppose to be on all the time.

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Learning how to use Great Plains and Pims

At Eris, I enjoy the open plan environment. I also enjoy the challenges of doing reconciliations to balance the clients account. My co - workers are very warm and helpful, when one needs help or assistance. I enjoy working from 8h00 till 16h30 and only Monday to Friday.

Pros: This is a strict contract campany, so no promotions, unless being spotted by management from other departments
Cons: I work long hours only when i have some work to finish or a deadline to meet

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Great when the economy is good

The job remuneration is commission only. Most of the time I work out of office vising properties and canvassing prospective tenants and property investors. The greatest incentive is to make as many and as big deals as possible. This means that basically I am working for myself, not expecting bonuses or promotion of any kind. It is a largely self-taught environment. You learn as you go along. You manage you time and work schedule to achieve your objectives. I work well with co-workers. We share information and work with other departments to complete a transaction.

Pros: Manage your time and schedule.
Cons: No salary. Commission only. Tough economic condition results in low earnings

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I am current having more than ten years working experience in property / building management.

I I I am woring for Eris Property group as a building mager fro more ten years and I am running the site that got 27 building a working for Eris Propyl group for

Pros: I am started to work as a clean and I prove myself up to building manager
Cons: I am available 24 hour on my cellphone

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Limeted learning curve

The work is very repetitive and there are no real challenges one faces, one has to generally prove themselves over and above before they can be considered for growth.

Pros: Great working culture
Cons: Limited opportunities

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