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Data Analyst / Reporting Specialist / Customer Experience Analysis

With over 8 years in the Telecommunication industry from Support roles to Testing Analyst to Data Analyst, I have used the knowledge I’ve gained to grow in to a well-rounded individual with the ability to deliver well above the expected requirements and therefore I seek a challenging position within a growing company as I believe that a position in your organization will allow me to grow even further as well as utilize the training and skills that I have acquired over the years. I consider myself to be a team player and I have the ability to communicate at the required levels from written to spoken. I am flexible yet persistent in whatever task I undertake to ensure that (SLA) Service Level Agreements are met well within the given time, placing a strong emphasis on quality and service offered. I am offering a potential employer loyalty and a willingness to learn and be an asset to your institution.

Pros: Ability to communicate across all levels.
Cons: Career Growth

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QUICK Learner

i am a GO GETTER , Team player and work well under pressure . My day to day services at Ericsson was to organised daily meetings made sure i booked the board rooms on time, aliased schedules for the team , made sure the project is running smoothly, daily and monthly updates, worked closely with ASP, CONTRACTORS and Engineers. created a tracker to send to the team. Made sure all documents are correct and loaded on the system timeless, did escalations in case things are not going as planned then i forwarded the queries to the management, also made sure that the contractors work orders are loaded on the system , and PO are issued and paid an time, build relationships with clients . i had the whole PAC plan on monthly basis and had to push the team to stick to it and reach out targets, hence i had to work on weekends to be productive and archive 100 % results,

Pros: i am a great learner
Cons: i worked overtime

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Exposure to international norms

Job requires a lot of discipline and maturity since one works from home. Team work is of great importance as other disciplines are sometimes needed to complete tasks for different teams. There's a lot of driving involved in order to keep system operational and customers happy. Dedication is required as well as duty calls over weekends and public holidays.

Pros: Continual Learning
Cons: Minimal family time

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Corporate life

Very demanding, amazingly growing you professionally and personally. Very interesting, never boring. Meets lots of interesting people from all over the world. I found out what a typical 20 hour work day is all about. Very satisfying to complete projects successfully.

Pros: Growth potential, gaining of knowledge, boost your life knowledge, meeting of new people.
Cons: Long working hours, too many meetings, industry under international economic pressure.

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Great company

Great company to work for. Enjoy the culture and the people. Flexible working hours help with the traffic issues. Can be very stressful at times. Quick turn around times for day to day activities. Getting promoted is troublesome. More focus can be given in making this a fair selection criteria as currently it's more about who you know that will allow peoplet to grow within the company. Postitions also given to individuals before posted on the internal career site. Overall, good company.

Pros: Flexible working hours
Cons: Distance and traffic

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Excellent company for developing technical skill

Each day comes with new technical challenges as you work with now equipment and new team. It is really interesting to work with different Accredited Service Provider with different experience. I have learnt how to manage different ASP and to embrass the new technology in Telecommunications. I enjoy resolving technical challenges.

Pros: Great opportunity for learning new technologies
Cons: Long working hours

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Great for learning

Working there was great at first and with a happy atmosphere. However, that changed along the years to worse. Work life balance is a major issue there. There is no team building activities in my department and so on.

Pros: Great opportunity to learn
Cons: Long working hours inlcuding weekends

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The management culture wasn't much what i expected of a multinational in the technology industry. Relationship with coworkers was restricted to work and work only due to cultural environment as promoted by management, I learnt a lot about how to fail a business and enjoyed mostly the "i know it all" attitude constantly demonstrated by most managers at the project management level. Most challenging was to remain relevant in an environment where all was never focused on business development but on politics and self benefiting internal networks.

Pros: Great opportunity for learning
Cons: Long working hours

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Excellent Learning Curve

I I have learned that as a person you need to go what you need. That it doesnt help waiting for assistance from someone but you need to go to theirassistance.

Pros: Teaches you how to go for what you want and not depend on being spoon fed
Cons: Hectic hours

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