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Great experince while I was there

Working 7:00-17:00 daily with overtime every second week, lifting screens, moving machinery and objects around the plant had a great relationship with co-workers team spirit was present, i've learned that you always have to set higher challenges and standards for yourself and being a rigger allows you these challenges daily. Challenges came when I didn't feel the job or tasks given presented challenge to me.

Pros: great earning potential
Cons: long working hours

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Excellent learning curve

Great opportunity to learn and participate. Super working team. Inspired from different department. Great working hard from CEO to general workers. Collective of engineering and processing plant dept. I learned to work with different supervision and working alone. I know how to attend a quickly breakdowns. Working on standby and shutdowns. At boilermaking you keep on learning every day and it's challenging and enjoyable. I like this career. All the best boilermakers.

Pros: Great opportunity to work and learn. admired experience and privilege honour to be the part of massive growing producing company
Cons: quickly breakdowns needed to be done. shutdowns every month

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Fast learner

I have studied mechanical engineering at Ekhuruleni east TVET college. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE I am a Qualified Diesel mechanic I went through a recognised Apprenticeship at Ergo Mining Pty Ltd, Academy name is EBDA (Ergo Business Development Academy) it's located at 7th RD off 17th road, Brakpan 1541. The Duration of the Apprenticeship was 3 Years Post (2014 - End 2017) Now am in the Proffesion of NQF level 4 DIESEL MECHANIC Trade Test section 26D MQA.

Pros: great opportunity
Cons: 12 hours

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Willing to learn new things, and different department

The employees are very kind, friendly, and willing to assist me where I lack behind. I have learnt so many things on how to deal with messengers and to be friendly as human resource department is a department that deals with people. I enjoy helping people with their work related problems and seeing myself that I have achieved my work. At first it was a challenge working with people but now my getting used to it. I can be friendly and maintain my smile at all times.

Pros: willing to learn as an intern
Cons: little or no tasks

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Great Learning experience

A typical work day would require me to check all backup systems and the integrity of the servers. I would then make sure that all network equipment is running and attend to user problems. I have a great relationship with co-workers as I am a outgoing person. I like meeting new people and enjoy the company. I have learnt to be in depended and to work in a fast pace environment. I have been under pressure and there has been "slow" days. I mostly enjoy figuring out difficult solutions as the reward of fixing the problem is a great feeling. The most challenging aspect is implementing new solutions without downtime to the users. Its lots of fun but can get tricky at some stages.

Pros: Great for gaining experience
Cons: Not a lot of room to grow

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Excellent exposure to people management

Working in our company requires one to be strict and firm, especially when leading people older than you. I am a young female and have had many challenges through my career, much of which I deeply learnt from. My relationship with coworkers had it's ups and downs .. as I always told then strive to be the best. Now because most of them thought they would not go beyond anything other than being an operator, there were some clashes. I appreciate the time I was given to sharpen my leadership skills right from my youth. I believe I have acquired skills that will be of good use into the future.

Pros: The money was good
Cons: Always having to be right and never being allowed the platform to make mistakes

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