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Learning curve, experience

A typical day in the casualty is busy, intense, on the move and very demanding. The staff is very helpful, well trained and friendly to both myself and the patients. I get along well with all other colleagues. I enjoy discussing patient cases and learning from their experiences. I have learnt to think on my feet. I have learnt to work quickly and effectively. i have learnt to ask questions and read up when I am not sure of management. I have learnt to deal with the difficult patient and family. I enjoy my patients the most. i have learnt being friendly, warm and willing to help makes you more approachable and your management plans a lil' more effective. The difficult patient and specialist can dampen the mood.

Pros: Learning gopportnity, experience
Cons: I don't get enough working hours, the computer clerking system,

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Excellent learning curve during the 1st and 2nd wave of Covid19

We all work well under pressure. You need to be proactive and must work together as a team. At time's the internal and external queries can become overwhelming.

Pros: Not really
Cons: 07:00 -16:00

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Salary review

Am l being paid what I'm worth?

Pros: Yes
Cons: Long hours

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