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Valuable experience

Usypual work three days a week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Monday is usually a team meeting where we get to discuss plans for the week, Wednesdays and Fridays is when we implement the plans, we go to schools meeting learners. My relationship with my fellow facilitators is great, we are one small family, I can count on them and they know they can count on me. One thing I've learned or rather improved is my people skills , not forgetting communication skills, because you have to be able to deliver the content in the beat way possible. Working with learners and seeing them grow is pleasant to watch and the most challenging aspect of the job will be time management I feel we don't reach our end goal within the set time

Pros: Great opportunity to improve communication skills as well as people skills
Cons: None so far

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I am based at the National Head Office. So I offer support for the 4 other branches. The head office consist of a staff body of 42. I do logistics for the different departments. I have learned to be more patient and more accommodating. The fact that I can help and make a difference in people lives. Whether it be in a personal and professional capacity. Waiting on information to complete the task at hand.

Pros: Opportunity to be promoted. Making a difference in the communities, over 5 provinces
Cons: It is 30 min drive from where I stay. To be paid a bit more for the amount of work that I do

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It was good exposure

Overall good work exposure, challenging but not plenty of growth. Culture not to good especially with management. Severe underpayment for junior workers

Pros: Good colleague
Cons: Long working hours with little pay

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Leadership development

As a volunteer facilitator at Equal Education I got to learn what being a leader means. I enjoyed the weekly youth groups because that is where we got to interact with Equalisers. The challenge of being a facilitator is that we work with high school learners that are the same age as us or maybe older, some of them do not really respect you because they feel you are the same age or younger than them.

Pros: Great opportunity for skills upliftment
Cons: Only work 2 times a week

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