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I am hard worker, willing to learn new things in life as they always evaluate my capabilities.

I am from the fleet management backround my daily work includes vehicle orders, accessory orders, follow up on delivery, monitoring movement of trucks and vehicles for fitment completion and follow up invoices and posting invoices for payment and administrative queries in the fleet inviroment. I have learnt a lot of administrative work, team playing and taking responsibility of all given tasks, mostly dedication and deliver work as expected. I enjoyed mostly working with different poeple and learning different things in sorting out queries and ability to see work achived in time. Mostl challenging was to learn and understand different fleet that we had to order and follow up eg vehicle spec , different accessories and other mechanical issues that arises, but the challenge was more of a learning curve as i eventually understood what i am dealing with.

Pros: Learning lot of information and getting out of the box and gaining knowledge and confidance in all that i had to do
Cons: Having to understand the fleet as a woman but it was my advantage as i took it as a learning curve

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Customer relations

I have learned a lot from my company and i would like to change for good and new things in life to see growth potential and explore new things in life

Pros: good personality
Cons: long working hours

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Experience and culture at Eqstra

I have had the opportunity of working with people who share similar values as I as well as people who do not. I have learnt how to cope with the ones who don't and have actually established very food relationships with all my colloquies. I have grown a lot in terms of experience because I firstly had to learn and understand the current system when I was employed here. the computer financial package was changed so I had the opportunity of learning the new system as well as the treasury system and procedures. Overall despite my retrenchment I have been enriched with the experiences afforded to me whist in service.

Pros: the company is large hence there is a large scope for growth or changes
Cons: Unfortunately due to restructuring I was retrenched

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