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I was working for Eon Consulting which is a consulting firm in the energy space, however, my daily functions included the following: 1. Other consultants work review 2. Junior staff management 3. Sector masterplan development and review, e.g. roads, waste, water, stormwater masterplans 4. Project development proposals 5. Site visits around africa 6. Client liaison on various matters pertaining to civil and structural engineering 7. Project management 8. Office manangement and strategy development

Pros: Great exposure to other engineering industries
Cons: Travelling long hours

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I would like to move from my current job because of Salary issues

Eon Consulting is a consulting agency we do consulting and work for hours, we were 150 employees but currently only left with about 20 employees, the Company went trough some retrenchments. I have a very good relationship with all my co-workers. I have learnt a lot about the consulting side of business as well as Excel. I have a great passion for finance and love my work and value it very much. The most challenging aspects of my job is getting paid every month its a real struggle.

Pros: I was offered to be BBBEE Manager
Cons: Not getting paid the hours is fine

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Excellent foundation for the utility sector in Southern Africa

Highly Pressured Diverse Market Challenging market space and dynamics fueled by economic and political instability Aging business model rigid to change Every day is different - diversity of challenges bring excitement and an innovation Keeping staff 80% utilised was a challenge

Pros: Diverse market segments and innovative solutions
Cons: keeping staff 80% utilised, shareholder support, and business recapitalisation

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