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Learning curve

Typical work includes updating policies,creating HR procedures, payroll capturing,make sure petsonal files are in order,communicating with managers, employees and subcontractors Training initiates,i.e WSP and TNA are done,printing and handing out payslips, monthly report and weekly meetings are organised,all HR adhoc duties. Challenging aspects of my job is when projects nears an end ,a lot of admin and long hours is involved, I have learned how to deal with difficulty in projects and now understand life cycle of projects

Pros: Knowledge of tendering and projects
Cons: Long hours

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Good learner , work good under pressure

draght drawings from engineer according to the scope. Friendly, profeccinal and team work Being a team player and always look for good in people, how to play and be a good team which push our abilities work always comes first. When a client is not sure of what he/she wants .

Pros: Opportunity for promotion
Cons: energetic, working long hours

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Good learning curve

i like my job and challenges ,i like to learn each and everyday and i ask if i need help so that i can upgrade myself ,i like to help other with the idea of team work ,since i start i have learn a lot on electrical and instrumentation with the help of engeneers

Pros: not yet
Cons: normal working hours

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Good communication skills

Willing to go extra miles when performing task/ work. Good leader with good listening skills. Can work under a lot of pressure. Good time keeper. Always work as a team and can work independent.

Pros: Team leader
Cons: 9 hours

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Good experience

I work during the day, I have a very good relationship with workers, I have learnt that the more you mantain a good relationship with workers they give their best in the work they are doing, I leaned more about electricity, and more about concrete works even though I was working as admin I spent most of my time on site since that is my passion.

Pros: Good Opportunity to learn
Cons: Less salary

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Great team

Enzani Technologies is a medium company specialising in electrical engineering construction. Mostly in the water treatment sector, a typical day on site will be spent on installation inspection and documentation. Co workers adhering to the health and safety procedures and standards, quality is of utmost importance to them.

Pros: Great company to learn
Cons: Slow growth

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Excellent experience in electrical engineering field

Wonderful company. It is a growing engineering company giving opportunities to young people to grown their knowledge it also develop current employees within the company to more productive in their specific field by giving training. The safety and quality are the key in with the organization.

Pros: Developing employees
Cons: Contract opportunity (job)

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Good working conditions

The company is a tender based company and people are friendly and welcoming. Its a good company for you to grow up not for permanent. I enjoy working there normal day is as like working at an electrical firm.

Pros: Good for growth
Cons: Salary is not enough

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The passion I have for my job

I have learnt that quantity surveying is all about maximizing revenue for the company.Every cent spend on the project requires to be accounted for. What I enjoy most with my job is that you need to pay attention into detail.One mistake you will be costing the company.

Pros: Great opportunity for personal growth
Cons: Working independently and under no supervision

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I have worked on different projects at diffirent levels over the years

With the experience i have acquired over the years i feel that has been the greatest teacher.i went through different phases in my working life with challenging situations. I have grown both mentally and technically over the years .I have enjoyed working in a situation where male and female are working as a team.

Pros: The chances of promotion are available to some extend
Cons: At times i could work long hours to meet the daily targets

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