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Working for entice thought me to work with female colleagues.

It is exciting working for entice, and my relationship with my colleagues is very good, the only problem that I have Is the company outsourced the services of the boilers, I am not doing what I love( boiler operating ). I look happy and I perform my duties very well, but deep inside I miss my job .

Pros: Working for the company is challenging since we are dealing with consumable products,one has to make sure that the food policy is not compromiseed.chances for promotion are minimal for I spent most of my working life in the boilers.
Cons: Normal

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Daily chsllenges

My typical work day to day is very busy. Attending management meetings where I indicate what happened yesterday. Attending customer complaints and daily audits(GMP) etc. I enjoy working in a group because we get the job done and on time and its efficient I have learned to be patient My job because of the challenges that comes daily. I do a lot of problem solving It's when I cant get a solution to a problem especially when I am under pressure when management is expecting answers

Pros: Daily challenges
Cons: There is a lot of pressure

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