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Great learning and development experience

Working experience has been great and everyone is easy to work with. I have learnt to be more patient and developed great interpersonal skills having to work with people from different kind of back ground. I love enhancing skills and leaving a mark when ever I work with people. The most challenging part was trying to break bad habits and change opinions of people that are so set in theyre old ways.

Pros: Awesome opportunity for skill development
Cons: No room for career growth

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Learning opportunities

Typical work day involves lots of travelling and dealing with various industries, training and consulting and implementation of various food safety management systems. After being a food safety and training manager, I learned alot about various industries, their regulations and standards. I thoroughly enjoy working with people, meeting new people and learning about the various industries. The most challenging aspect of my job is the workload, the learning about various regulations and standards and keeping up to date with various new updated standards

Pros: Learning opportunities
Cons: After hours working hours

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Skilled in Food production, Management skills, Food Safety Management and Food Safety Auditing.

Entecom is very good company one can work for. It has great aopportunities and challanges that will ensure great performnce carreer wise. i would refer anyone interested in consulting to join them.

Pros: Great growth
Cons: Client based

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