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Excellent in my debtors clerk job

I Malekutu Shumani was doing my final year last year (2015) at university of Johannesburg in Diploma in accountancy and currently I am working at Engineering council of south Africa (Ecsa) as a debtors clerk, it has been one year and two months now in this poition. I believe I am the right candidate for a job not only because of my paper qualification but because of my natural abilities like being reliable, competent, good communication skill, fast learner, trustworthy, honest, and able to work under pressure, confident, excellent communication skills .Education boasted me a lot in terms of computer skills and financial data. I have so many solid skills other than natural abilities like being a team leader, able to work without any supervision, organised, pro-active, hard worker, flexible, ability to work quickly and accurately under pressure, excellent good decision making and critical thinker, innovative, adaptable, tolerant and energetic.

Pros: the pros of working ecsa is that I am gaining alot of experience in accounting or finance industry
Cons: the cons of working at ecsa is that I am currently an intern not a permanent

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Good staff development policies

At the Engineering Council of South Africa, I have worked in different departments and have been exposed to all the business dealings of the organization. My current position mainly entails benchmarking, research and identifying best practice to develop concepts, policies and models. As the development happens customization to meet our specific organizational requirements. Good relationships with colleagues has assisted greatly as all ideas that I come with I request inputs and comments which has assisted me greatly in achieving success with my projects. Every aspect of my job they were enjoyable and yet quite challenging. The most challenging aspects in the current position has been the unavailability of resources to support my work but again, my requests to other colleagues to assist with menial tasks.

Pros: Great benefits
Cons: High staff turnover at Executive Level which causes a lot of problems for excellent results to be achieved.

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Good environment to unleash your talent and innovative ideas

Good working environment, exciting challenges. able to explore and utilise your talent I hereby applying for the above-mentioned position, I have all the requirements needed as per your advertisement. Currently, I am working for the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) as a Manager in Supply Chain Management Division. I have more than 18 years of experience in procurement field and more than 5 years serving in management level. I am a member of an SCM Professional body (CIPS) with a membership number: 005598176. I hope my current and previous knowledge, skills and experiences in Procurement, Asset and Facilities fields will assist me to be the best candidate for this position. A detailed CV is enclosed for your perusal. I am looking forward for a favourable response. Yours faithfully Tlangelani R Mabundza

Pros: Opportunity to grow
Cons: not very busy environment

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Good Company

ECSA is a good company to work for. I have learned a lot about the company and the process of becoming a professional engineer/overall engineering industry. I enjoy interacting with our clients as well as applicants from all parts of the world, as we are registering international engineers as well. The most challenging part is when you are unable to provide a good service to a client because our work as call centre agents is dependent on others. Dealing with international clients or applicants who can't speak English. I have built a sound relationships with co-workers and get along with them very well.

Pros: Free Lunch
Cons: Salary Benefits

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Overall work report

Ensuring my daily routine at work is accurate at the end of the day. I am able meet my deadline for the task that i will be given by schedule want i need to do for the day and i start with important task for day. I am more accurate in with amounts and i enjoy working with number. I work overtime.

Pros: Career growth
Cons: Can work overtime

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Good Learning Curve for Experiance

Working as a registration officer helped me to understand who to work with various customers like professional and be a secretary for different committees in defferent engerneering fields. I have worked well with my colleagues and we have a good and great relationship with internal and external stakeholdera in our company. The most challeging aspect of my work is handling defferent portfolios in a short space but through hardwork a determination i manage to handle the portfolios. I have learnt to be able to work under pressure and be able to work well with defferent race and cultures more especially in an engineering field.

Pros: Great opportunity for experiance growth
Cons: Congested working environment

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Not fully corporate for an engineering Sector

Not a very busy environment. Employees are a bit unfriendly, but open up after a few months of working together. Lack of unions makes it easier for people to just get fired.

Pros: favorable working hours, free lunch, wonderful colleague
Cons: no growth, no 13th cheque, no labor representation,

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Learning well

Now looking for a suitably challenging position with added responsibility, my current objective is to obtain a position that will fully utilise my skills and offer an opportunity for continued professional growth. I believe in excellence and I have always dedicated myself, my talents and my creative abilities to ensure the successful accomplishment of any company goals.

Pros: good environment
Cons: lack of growth

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Broader exposure

Business processes analysis and re-engineering, research and benchmarking; auditing compliance to due processes and policies and providing an advisory service to executives, managers and other staff members. Quite approachable and a resource to many. Working in an environment where the main responsibilities of the organisation are done by the volunteers, I have learnt the best engagement models that breeds success. Finding lasting solutions that are internationally aligned is both challenging and highly interesting..

Pros: Great opportunity for understanding the entire engineering fraternity which may leading to opportunities elsewhere
Cons: Long working hours

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Excelent institution to learn new skills

Upon learning of your need for Quality Professional, I felt compelled to submit my CV for your review. As an organised and motivated professional with experience providing comprehensive ideas for continuous improvement and operational support in the implementation of Quality Management Systems to optimise organisational performance and efficiency, I am confident that I would be a valuable asset to your team. My background includes excellent experience in providing customer service in a call centre environment, issuing and investigating customer complaints (non-conformance reports), conducting internal audits, developing process work flows, maintenance and updating the SHEQ system with non-conformities and document records.

Pros: Consistent learning
Cons: No growth support

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