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Knowledge within the DCS, and networking.

need a strong team work must be planned at all times learn different sections around the organisation most challenging to to do a project that you have no knowledge about

Pros: work in different department including IT, Instruments and control
Cons: 12 hours a day

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Just would like to execute my full potential in completing projects with my qualifications

Okay so I work with a great Team,Everybody has different personalities, But having to learn to deal and understand these different characteristics of each person is what makes me great .I'm not really a morning person I have to deal with a cup of coffee then ,I'm all smiles ...and ready to rock n roll with the days requirements.I love throwing in jokes also making it known I'm serious about my work even staying in late to complete individual tasks which were not completed during the day.I work in a very busy Department so my attention currently is divided to being all over all at once.But this is what keeps me going.

Pros: I'm looking to extend my knowledge and Potential to Planning
Cons: I don't mind working weekends and Overtime

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Training in the Business Analyst post, and mastering the SAP system

It is my pleasure to write this review about my current position at Engen Refinery. I start work from 07:30 to 16:00. In the Finance office we are the team of 10 includes Fixed Assets Manager, Income Statement side and us in the Balance Sheet side. My day is including collecting invoices from the Work progress box, log them in the claims log system and send to Quantity Surveyors for verification and once approve, process the invoices in the Purchase Order and our Cape Town office process the payment. Statement reconciliation, and resolve the Vendors queries. Customer Service is the main thing to keep me going. 2 of us are Accounting Clerks in the office we share the load.

Pros: liaising with stakeholders
Cons: At times when Procurement department has not loaded funds on the PO, my client service get affected badly.

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Excellent company to work for.

Excellent company to work, comes with perks and benefits. On a typical day my duties and responsibilities are to monitor and control process manufacturing of crude oil based products such as; LPG, Asphalt, Diesel, Petrol, Lubes, Wax, DPK, Jet Fuel etc. The relationship amoung employees from different departments is amazing because as a team we have to work together to maintain smooth product manufacturing. Departments from Operations, Instrumatation, Maintainance and Safety department is outstanding. The motto is one team, one goal. Everyday I learn something new in my plant, we explore methods to optimize the production of quality products to meet our customers needs. I enjoy working with people from different departments together as a team. The most challenging aspect is is when the plant is not steady but that can easily be rectified by going through procedures, sampling and testing components of the product

Pros: Company is dedicated to always make sure employees needs are met
Cons: Long working hours.

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Excellent learning curve

A typical work day involves checking my emails to see what came through after I left the office the day before and attending to those queries. We work in a very busy environment therefore I am constantly busy with new requests and following up on completion of old ones I have a very good relationship with my colleagues. We learn from each other. I came in to Engen with experience in Procurement.You have to work hard everyday and get things done, and for me it is not a problem because I am hardworking. I enjoy meeting new people at work and taking on new projects . I enjoy working on the SAP system and teaching others how to use different functions. Procurement at Engen is very fast paced, the challenge is that you are never just busy with one or two requests, requests come flooding in on a daily basis and I have to manage my time effectively and ensure things get done properly. The reason I am looking for another job is because Engen is downsizing.

Pros: Can get vast knowledge and experience
Cons: downsizing / retrenchment

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Exploring my full potential

Applying all the leadership styles depending on the situation at the time, Playing a pivotal role in the HSEQ department through inputs on health , safety, hygiene and quality. Interact with corporate office daily in any information required out of me. Meeting timelines all the time and be a reliable team player at all cost. Cemented a good working relationship with both internal and external stakeholders Created a good working environment for the health and hygiene team and let the team take responsibility and accountability under my guidance

Pros: Working in an envirnment that is challenging on a daily basis which allows creativity,
Cons: Sometimes stand in for the Refinery HSEQ Manager

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Excellent learning curve

Perform maintenance on all rotating equipments, and I've also obtained mechanical fitting trade test,it's a good environment to work in, people are also willing to teach you about the job.

Pros: Great opportunity for a person who wants to learn and grow
Cons: Long working hours

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Good communications,safety,time management, skill development

Engen is good In skills development, workers are always fighting for good communication,safety is always prioritised .so from their hands I learned importance of communications such as handovers,process movements,safety/production meetings.

Pros: Great opportunity for skill development
Cons: It take time to be permanently employed

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Excellent team work

I look forward to going to work at the Refinery all due to the amazing co workers. They are always helpful and offer great advice to do things better. I have learnt how to communicate more effectively, how to meet deadlines and work with Hr systems. I enjoy working most with the learners that are under me in the learnerships and contributing to their development. The most challenging part of the job was communicating with superiors that sit in other provinces.

Pros: Great working relationships
Cons: no opportunity for growth

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SAIW CP Course

I am working for a good company which encourages a person to grow and look at themselves in a different way. Each and every company is different but working here encouraged me to learn and want to know more. I am working with different companies daily and engaging to different people everyday. I am working in an inspection department which is central so I need to engage with different departments in my company. I am always looking forward to come to work because I have a good relationship with my colleagues. the only thing that is challenging in my work space when people I holding back the crucial information especially when I want to draw the reports

Pros: The opportunity of being promoted is very high at my work place but that comes with the person's perfomance and whan there is a need or a vaccant space
Cons: I only work long hours during the Turnaroun,General overall and shutdown times

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