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Great Experience

I have a great working & personal relationship with my co-workers. I love working on a day to day basis with the security guards, It has given me a new found respect for the hardworking man on the street. It amazes me each & everyday how dedicated these individuals are to their jobs especially considering their salaries, shifts & backgrounds. The most challenging part of my job was doing deductions from salaries especially when the circumstances surrounding the deductions were out of the individuals control & then I had to explain to that said individual that I have no other option. I have learnt a lot about the BCEA.

Pros: Great working enviroment
Cons: No room for growth

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Great working area

At first I was happy with my job here, but now I'm not and I feel I am treated unfairly. It's been 10 years now and things haven't changed much. I wish for the salary that I deserve and to be treated fairly.

Pros: good working environment
Cons: over worked

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I feel very stagnated in the current position , there are no development opportunites.

I have a wealth of experience and skills to offer, however, due to saturated job market I feel very forced to remain at my current position. I really feel that I have so much to offer , given the opportunity.

Pros: No promotion prospects
Cons: no development opportunities

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Grada A and special events training

I am a hard working person and I am like to work as a team and I love working with people. I am a very reliable person and a person who can be depended on at anytime any where.

Pros: Available immediately
Cons: Any hours shift or not

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Excellent learning curve

Everyday brings new challenges, especially working in the security industry. It helps when there's humor in the department you work in. Hard work always pays off especially when you have people to share the experiences with.

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Long hours

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