Work/life balance





Excellent learning curve.

Monday to Thursday it gets busy and Fridays it gets quiet. We get to interact a whole lot with different personalities and/or individuals. Most of the co-workers are young so the workplace is made up of a lot of young people. Work tends to be enjoyable and fun. The most challenging acpects of the job include the people that come in needing assistance with their various different issues, they sometimes are not as patient or understanding

Pros: Great learning and growth opportunities
Cons: Difficult clients

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I am a hard working and determined being

I am Mokgalapa Albert, a BA Communications and BA Arts Honours graduate. I am flexible and hardworking individual.during my academical years I have seen my self as a director,Tuttor and Manager of companies, organisations and Student leader. I am a very organized individual who like working with a team and also comfortable working alone.I am resource full and goal driven and very ambitious.creative and innovation are my perdonal traits.

Pros: Opportunity for promotion
Cons: Long working hours

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