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Career Exhibation level

I am a well career developed individual driven by both Professionalism in consus with a strong individual character and being a highly motivated individual with passion of Finance and Accounting us I uphold Financial Accounting, Auditing as part of my major subject which has profoundly gave me an upper hand in Finance Section and my experience has readied me to occupy a well recognised position in any finance organisation, entity/firm which trends with finances. As part of my profession, I have outstanding experience with the Supply Chain( Bidding Processes, Procurement & Stores Issue Processes), Expenditure Section(Processes Claims and Payments) as well as Asset Management(Acquisition, Utilisation and Disposal) taking into account all the norms and standards. I have also a vast capability to work both independently and as part of a team in a fast paced environment.

Pros: Career Advancement
Cons: Skill and Development

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Co-ordinates the delivery of Community Services

Coordinate programs Visit war rooms In an understanding relationship with co-workers Needs created are needs satisfied especially when dealing with the general public. I enjoy working with people coordinating programs from initiation stage till the end Co-works not willing to be on board

Pros: Working hand in hand with community members and other stakeholders
Cons: Projects delaying due to financial contrains

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Career Advancement

My Ability to perform under pressure makes me a good contender for this position because I am a self-disciplined person and I manage to always meet the dead-lines. I have a vast capability to work both independently and as part of a team in a fast paced environment. I hold utmost optimism that you will give me this opportunity to continue stretching my knowledge and skills to the advancement of our fine country.

Pros: Accuracy obsessed
Cons: experience

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Learning curve

I have learnt to work with different people The most thing I enjoy is when I solve problems,coming up with solutions. I've learnt to always be calm even if the clients are rude and always come up with solution of a problem. When working long hours I try to keep everyone happy even if I feel tired never disappoint.My relation with co- workers is very good since I don't mix pleasure with work.The most challenging aspects of the job is when clients are demanding and not willing to listen to your excuses therefore is when u need to come with something that will satisfy them .

Pros: To be promoted,learning new things everday
Cons: Long hours

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Gaining relevant experience

It's a place with great potential, however the environment is highly politically charged that it distracts employees from their core duties. The moral of staff is very low, and there is a general atmosphere of terror. I am being recognised though as a source of knowledge, and I give advise on employee relations issues.

Pros: contributing in service delivery
Cons: uncertainty

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