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Its a wonderful and challenging place to work.

The television news environment is a high stress one. Delivering on tight deadlines is the order of the day, keeping in mind that all information published must be accurate. Its a nail-bitting but exciting career. Relationships with co-workers are paramount to making sure one can deliver a world class show. I've learnt to work well under immense pressure, to manage staff and delegate our work load.

Pros: Being on the forefront of developments in the country and the world
Cons: Sometimes working long hours over special broadcasts can be tough

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As a multi-tasked Journalist

As a multi-tasked Journalist with Digital Media and Broadcast Media, Editing, PR, Video/Photography, as well as Marketing and administrative experience, I believe I am a strong candidate for a position at your company. ≈

Pros: My training and experience in this capacity has provided me with the ability to strategically develop well written copies and monitor and cover multiple topics of interest which are sure to invoke interest.My enthusiasm, stamina, determination and perseverance makes me just the right candidate for this position.My enthusiasm, stamina, determination and perseverance makes me just the right candidate for this position.
Cons: I am able to work in a deadline driven environment and I bank highly on my ability to compile copy based on events as they happen.

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Working at eNCA is never boring. I am put in charge of an learn about new aspects of our government and society daily. I have a wonderful team of producers that I work with and we all play to each other's strength. I enjoy the synergy between us most on a busy news day and the most challenging aspect of my days is the pace at which we work. Some days are slow but on days when breaking news is rolling, the coverage, quick-thinking attitude of myself and everyone on my team is impressive. I enjoy this the most - the diversity and difference in my field of work.

Pros: evolving roles
Cons: shiftwork

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Learnt a lot from the place

I have learnt a lot from my current job it’s a learning experience a place to discover what you want to be and where you want to be. The people we work with were excellent people there’s a lot of sitting and waiting for a specific time to start the job once that job is done you sit numerous hours and wait , the most challenging aspect is having to deal with the changes managements bring forth time and time again that cause most people to resign but also make sit unbearable when you’re stuck and have nowhere to go

Pros: Great place to learn and gain experience
Cons: Long hours , no holidays

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