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Excellent learning curve

I have high levels if working experience I work hard at all times . My work experience speaks alot for itself. I love working with people all the time. I work well in a team I'm a good Team player as I work will with othe individuals. I'm a great spokesperson I can sell you just about anything.

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: Meeting target

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I have learned how to more persistent in selling, to have hunger on making sales and up my game.

HaviGood relationship with colleagues, area manager. Motivation,persistence among us colleagues. Team building is also the to push each one of us. Most challenging thing you would get mostly is having quiet days and customers insist on not or having a loyal brand oriented customer, and not be able to reach your target. Which will lead to under performance.

Pros: Cellphones allowances
Cons: Long working hours

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