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Good learning experience

check and count morning production, shift list for the day, allocate work for the employees, sort out production planning, sort out the trucks that needs to leave for the day, check diesel and kms per truck, ensure drivers do checklist of vehicles, do daily route plans for the drivers, quality checks on production, fix and assist with fixing of machines, data capturing for the day, check invoices that's needs to be loaded into trucks for the next trips. check stock, inventory checks, get guys to ensure area is clean, pack stock in correct areas, relationship with co workers is on the same level, i respect them in turn they respect me. I am assertive when its needs to be to get the job done. learn new things everyday, liaise with customers traveling and meeting new people pushing for deadlines

Pros: a learning opportunity
Cons: long hours

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Experience and learning curve

I was before an internal auditor so I do pay attention to detail. I solve problems with the least amount of management supervision. Good computer skills, currently using the Accpac programme. I have a Warehouse Management Diploma. I have experience in Logistics. I am the Operations Manager at current position, oversee the production from start to end, I do the quality checks on products, also hire and discipline when needed, do the payroll, shift list, invoicing, data capturing, vehicle and machine maintenance, driver checks, security, waste management, health and safety and much more. Learnt always to strive for the best in the things I do, with the right attitude, nothing is impossible. I think clearly out of the box, which makes me a good problem solver. Eager to learn new things and to expand my horizons.

Pros: Meeting new people from all walks of life
Cons: Working late everyday

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