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Hard working and problem solver

I am a high performer and always aim to do work to an outstanding standard, with the enthusiasm and positivity required. I am results oriented and always work diligently, as part of a team with a willingness to participate in, and maintain team collaboration. I have over 15 years of successful marketing, sales and customer service experience

Pros: Great listen skills
Cons: None

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Excellent learning curve

Typical work day doesn't normally begins in mornings, all depend what I've been rosterer for that month, amazing thing is I meet everday knew people and all from different cultures and background. It's a learning curve on a regular basis. I get along with all the crew, I would love to go Maldives­čśĆ Most challenging aspect is when you don't have that chicken or whatever the other meal option was and the passengers gets up

Pros: Traveling the world
Cons: Missing my Family back home and long working hours and sleep pattern messed up

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Excellent training

Good company to work for but growth is key to every individual. During my time I gained experience in different departments and a lot of training that I received over time. I had a very strong and supportive team.

Pros: Will love to join your team and growth will be appreciated
Cons: Nothing much I'm flexible I easily adjust

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