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My position at the company as a claims assessor

It was a great learning curve for me thus far. I started of with a internship and did a Long Term Insurance NQF4 course which benefited me so much and improved my skills and knowledge to apply in my current position. I enjoy the position that I am currently in because I enjoy communicating with people and different personalities. My goal is to always provide excellent professional level of service and to meet the clients needs. I have acquired an extensive amount of knowledge and experience in this industry over the years. Friendly working environment and staff members work well together. The only thing that I am not satisfied with is the fact that there is no room for growth in the company and no benefits offered.

Pros: Great opportunity to start your career within the industry
Cons: The increase in the workload and constant changes with regards to workflow processes. Not being able to take your leave days when it's suitable for you

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Ability To work under pressure

I can work under a lot of pressure. I am an amazing problem solver. I am a persistence person and I don’t give up very easily. My dependability. I can make a decision under a lot of pressure (good decision maker) I can be able to work with little/no supervision, willing to learn new things, easy to adapt, friendly, reliable, expressive and punctual . As a team we work well and communicate with each other. Working hours were not long. My Co-Workers were supporting each other in order for the task to be completed effectively. I learnt how you work in a team. Being treated fairly. The most challenge was to work and not finish on time

Pros: Great Learning
Cons: Time management

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Dealing with cold leads

Well what we dd was we called people to offer them funeral policy and then try and do a needs analysis and provide them with a suitable product we had teams so we were evaluated as a team and as individual the 1 thing i liked was opening eyes to the youth of today into making the right choices for their future and loved ones and that was the my highlight aswell however it was rather challenging dealing with different people and all age groups trying to make them see life from your point of view

Pros: Potential for growth
Cons: Traveling to and from work

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Excellent learning place to start at.

It is very nice to wA great place to start a career in an insurance industry. A good team working with as they can teach you all the experience you need to have. Ive learnt to deal with different personalities as working within a call centre industry. It is very challenging to work with funeral policies but challenges have made me to realize that only hard work which pays off. What I enjoy mostly with the company is the way of working. There is quite no pressure when working. We only work Monday to Friday and be off for two days. The most challenging thing is dealing with many calls when it is end of month or the 25th of the month. When we are few on the team and it gets very busy but I make sure that I work to the best of my ability. Working hard is one of the strong personal traits Ive taught for my work. ork for the

Pros: A great place to start a career in an insurance industry
Cons: No benefits

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A great experience

for the past year at Emerald life, I have learned a great deal of things that I believe may improve me as a working female. I have learned patience, which is a weakness I had been struggling with for years. I developed a great relationship with my colleagues that extends outside the workplace. the greatest challenge I face mostly as Head Of Admin is agents that do not want to comply to documents handed to them, but a solution is always found. and difficult clients. but I always deal with those with a smile. and has worked pretty well for me.

Pros: great opportunity for experience growth
Cons: salary does not fit title/job description and amount of work done on a daily basis

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Emerald Life is a good company but financial growth isn't there and I have kids to raise also wanna build my career with company whose willing to listen to our views as their employees not that we always have to listen to them and they are not listening to ours. fe is a good

Pros: Growth is what we all wish for, it can be financially or educational because we can't always be stuck in same place.
Cons: Working overtime helping team members

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Good environment, diversity & teamwork

What I love about Emerald Life is our diversity, we are a group of different people from different backgrounds. I love interacting with my fellow colleagues that is how I am able to speak 6 South African Languages. We treat each other like family & we respect each other. One can grow within the company, learn something new everyday.

Pros: Great company to work for.
Cons: cold environment

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Great Good day Sir/Madam My name is Kekeletso Tshiu, I am a Project manager, I also have three years Compliance Admin experience. I recently saw post on career portal and I am interested. I wanted to be sure to reach out as I am extremely interested in this job opportunity and would love to hear more about your experience working , any advice you might have about the hiring process. Do you have any availability for a quick call next week? I know you are busy and would really appreciated any time you have. I have also attached my resume and cover letter. Please let me know if you have any question.

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Long working hour

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Excellent learning curve

I had a good work environment with all departments colleagues very friendly. I started off as receptionist then within three months got promoted to claims department. There I learned everything that have to do with claims and I was a claims assessor.

Pros: Right place to start if you want growth in Insurance
Cons: Long working hours

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Exposure to market

It's big , emerging and developing. It gives support in terms of allowance such as car, petrol and phone. It let you manage and lead a large number of people.

Pros: Growth in company
Cons: Extensive marketing

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