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Exceptionally friendly environment

- A typical work day The atmosphere is relaxed, although there are targets to meet - Your relationship with co-workers Everyone is on a first-name basis, even the Ambassador - What you have learnt I have learned to be financially savvy - What you enjoy most Impromptu social events after work - The most challenging aspects of the job It being a dynamic environment with diplomatic staff

Pros: Sociable environment
Cons: Not much room for personal growth and development

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I have learned a lot about Diplomacy in my current position.

A typical day starts with a review of all the tasks that need to be completed on that day and an outlook on long term tasks. I have a very good relationship with all my co-workers; I especially enjoy the morning breakfast breaks. I have learned that it is indeed true that people from different backgrounds hold different values and opinions; this being that 50% of the staff are from Switzerland. I have also learned the value of time and keeping to it. I enjoy the feeling of success and the social events that I organize for staff members. At first the challenges were time management; I thought I have learned it from my previous employment, but when I got to the Embassy, I learned that being on time meant being 10 minutes early.

Pros: Flexible hours
Cons: Limited growth opportunities

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No day is ever the same as the one before, I work in a dynamic and constantly changing environment. I have a good working relationship with my colleagues because office doors are always open for opinions and a little chat during projects. I have learned the value of time management because the Swiss are very precise people. Working in a small team means that I know and get to see all my colleagues every day, but I am definitely open to the challenge of a large team like I was with at my previous employer. The dynamism of the team is one of the most challenging aspects of my job, but I have learned to work with the tides.

Pros: Exciting environment
Cons: Not enough recognintion

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