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Good listener

Hi. I have code 10 with PDP for 3 years experience. I'm a hard worker, good listener because when Someone talk to me I make no mistake to listen to that person because if I listen I do better, perform better or do exactly what he/ she is telling me to do. I excel in each and everything that I do and I make sure that I make some developments. I'm friendly because within 5minuts its easy for me to relate with other people. I MEAN JOB, I DO EVERYTHING I CAN TO PUT MY JOB,COMPANY ON THE NUMBER ONE LIST. I DON'T WASTE TIME WHEN IT COMES TO WORK. Thank you please contact me immediately I'll be available for the job. 0728119416 my contact number

Pros: It is great to he a promotion because your level change to the company and it easy for the company to listen to you because they already know you and they know how you operate. You may be a well known person in the company. New people from the company can learn after you and you become a good example in the company, people will start to respect you for your position or promotion.
Cons: Long working hours can build you to become a hard worker because you will get use to it even if it time to knock off you will feel like you can continue working .

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Fats learning good communication skills

I am good person an trustworthy work under pressure and werehousing experience in the best an good skills love to work as a team work under pressure work extra hours I have experience working I am good person

Pros: Work under pressure
Cons: Work extra hours

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