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Gaining experience

My typical day consists of branch transfers and inter-branch transfers. The work atmosphere is always tense. I get along with my collegues in offiice as well as those I do not see because we communicate telephonically and via emails. I have learnt to not just take things at face value if something doesn't look right but to do some investigation. Meeting or seeing new people and learning new things. The most challenging is to maintain accurate stock count, with month end timesheets.

Pros: Working directly with directors
Cons: No benefits.

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Gaining experience of systems.

The experience here was what i'm aiming at. I have had the qualifications for office administration but me previous job descriptions was not of admin criteria but rather where i helped out in the office. Now am doing branch transfers, adding wool onto our system for branches in order to sell them. Guarantee claims, claiming from our manufacturing supplier overseas, completing timesheets for payroll clerk. I work directly with stores(warehouse) transferring wool, machines and creating ordering receipts for the branches so they do not run out of stock. Our Cape Town branch is the head office of South Africa.

Pros: Gaining more experience with different parts of department.
Cons: Not much room for growth as you"ll get experience but not the money.

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Great experience gained

I have learnt to pay attention to minor details as it could result in a major error if not taken care immediately. I enjoy working with my office collegues and learn a lot from them how to balance your time in order to complete tasks at hand.

Pros: Experience
Cons: No benefits and work promotion

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