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Great Work

Check in at 8.00 start at 8.15am my starting time is 8.15am. I have coffee with Boss. Discuss weekly or daily feedback and updates. We a big company, however in Durban we are 6 in office. We are very close and all get along great. Communication has definitely improved over the years. I have learned alot from each individual in our office. How to priorities better, how to be confident when dealing with outside companies. Assisting with powerpoints for presentations and learned to present as Area managers needs to present. My most challenging e.g when I had to get the entire KZN region to attend an 3 day even and to assist with the accommodation booking of hotel transport to ensure that everyone has arrived and have what they need to be comfortable and on time. Assisting with the Agenda, the set up at hotel and the gifting and price giving. That was such a success in 2015.

Pros: Definitely for me as well great opportunity for promotion
Cons: The the durban office has not much space for growth but willing to relocate within company

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Well I loved working at the Elizabeth counter it was realy a learning curve.

Retail's got the highest working hours ever and its more like your everyday life.There also pressure you should be able to work under pressure as there are monthly targets you need to work on,you need to be able to work under pressure. All in all working with my co workers was fun as we get to learn from each other,what I enjoyed most was working with difdifferent characters of customers and dealing with them,I learned mostly about the skin how it needs to be feed and taken care of at all times and keeping it look healthy and radiant at all times,keeping it glowing. My typical day at work it was a 9 to 6 job or sometimes we do late shifts from 11 to 8 I'd get to work and prepare before the store opens every thing needs to be in order and cleaned daily due to hygiene purpose cos the skin is too sensitive, traffic stopping customers in the store to promote products,creating aweness of my brand offering them to do them a make over,to test the products on how they feel on they skin.

Pros: great opportunity
Cons: long working hours

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It will be a great opportunity for me to be able to run a Store to the expertise

When given this opportunity will never waist it but will grow the business as well as my personal development and i will be glad to move back to Potchefstroom as it my home Town thank you, looking forward hearing from you

Pros: Leaning Curve for me and growing at the same time
Cons: Working under pressure

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Lots of exposure

This job includes lots of customer Care and provides a strong ability for one to be exposed to various aspects of customer care, sales as well as working alone and team work yet being able to put your best foot forward always.

Pros: exceptional learning curve
Cons: competition is tight

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Good learning

Great global company.....................Great opportunities......................................................................................................................................... nice industry.................................................

Pros: Global
Cons: Nothing yet

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Excellent career move and growth opportunities

People management skills. Customer service. Sales experience. Team player. Promotions. Stock management. Computer and crm skills. Telephone etiquette. Research and computer analysis. Target driven and focused. Goal oriented. Housekeeping. Events management.

Pros: Growth opportunities and freedom
Cons: None

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When working under pressure I perform very well

Given this opportunity I will make sure I don't disappoint but do excectly what I'm hired to do and always go extra mile for Clien5 and the benefit of the company

Pros: Growth and Change
Cons: Even work on weekends

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Learning and growing

I have been working for Arden for over 3 years, it's an amazing company to work for and I really love what I do, I have learned a lot in beauty industry... spa services, make overs, massages, skin care and more.

Pros: Growing within the company
Cons: Good environment

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NO Employee development strategy

Company is for the managers not employees. Drive long distance and long hours every day. No study leave. Not allowed to go to the office. Expected to work on weekends on the same salary even though it is not stipulated on the contract

Pros: Managers have their favorite people and they use them to spy on other employees
Cons: driving long hours

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Sales Area Manager with over 10 years experience.

Retail sales is changing rapidly , within my environment as I work with 5 retailers. Have the ability to align the team and motivate staff to promote sales thru consumer experience.

Pros: Company Vehicle , Cellphone Allowance, Company Bonus, Product Allowance, Expense Allowance
Cons: No development

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