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As a private com company with corporate aspirations I have the skill and knowledge to deliver.

As a natural relationship builder, I am equipped with the vision and purpose to drive organizational change and am able to adapt positively to any challenges that arise both personally and professionally. I am an excellent communicator and networker with well-developed interpersonal skills. I am a team player and have the ability to form trusted relationships with subordinates, clients as well as superiors. I have a proven track record of responsibility, integrity and commitment to company objectives I focus on the job ahead, but also keeping my eye on the horizon, growing and adapting organically. Innovation and agility is the key to unlocking growth. The detail however lies in the execution, focus and timing I'm an effective communicator and a natural networked and leader. I am resourceful, resilient, ambitious, curios, creative, reliable, accountable and passionate. I believe in integrity, team efforts and in making the right business decision.

Pros: Hard worker and discipline
Cons: Perfectionist

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Advanced learning curve

Makes 1 realize that working with different people of different background and religion is a blessing as bring the best In you to understand one another. Listening to the complaints and compliments from customers bring you the chance of service excellence you can bring to the organization.

Pros: Good chance of promotion
Cons: Too much time sitting 1 place

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Well balanced company with opportunities for promotion

Good company when looking for growth and development . Handle employees equally . Have very good opportunity for promotion. Offers the opportunity to study while working.

Pros: It offers great opportunity for promotion
Cons: It happens sometimes for overtime but is always paid and on average it's normal hours

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