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No growth

I've been here 8 years,and I'm still doing the same thing,year in,year out,becoming stagnant and frustrated,and it's hard to stay positive in a environment where there are so little growth opportunities.

Pros: There are very little pros,except that the people you work with on a day-to-day basis are the best at what they do.
Cons: Salaries are very bad,the increases every year are next to nothing,or nothing at all,management have no clue of who you are,and they have no incentives,or growth plan for,there is not much of a future,but a life of hard work,and being underpaid

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As i was promoted from internal & trade counter sales to outbound specialist four months

as i was promoted from internal & trade counter sales to outbound specialist four months ago it was a big challenge and a good experience,communicating with all department e.g. Manufacturing, Store, Dispatch and External Reps about potential new clients, follow up on back orders, advise customers about non stock items and provide ETA, call small accounts customer in order to build a better relationship and to get more business from them and solve customer problems

Pros: good ,advantageous, learning new thing
Cons: demanding,

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Excellent learning curve

Good company and less working hours.have access to good company benefits.there are also learning centre for co workers.we aslo have access to educational funding skills and can promote high level of skills.great management levels.equality for all workers

Pros: great opportunity
Cons: less salary

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Coin toss

Co workers are fantastic, even management is super, but micromanagement is a huge problem. if you do not mind working under constant supervision then this job will be excellent for you. You also do not get paid what your position is worth, upper management are willing to help where ever they can, but unfortunately they cannot really help with the kind of pay increases that is necessary. You also do not really have the opportunity to move up within the company and they are very short staffed therefore many people has to do numerous peoples jobs with no pay increase to cover the extra duties that you have.

Pros: great co workers and management
Cons: micromanagement and underpaid

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Good management

I'm a hard working person who can bring spheres of interest. I'm also a good communicator and can handle and manage pressure.i love working as team work

Pros: No opportunities
Cons: Long working hours

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