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Sharp student

I am a hard worker and even when I'm new to things I will make sure that I will try to understand what I'm dealing with even if I realise thing are out of my knowledge I wouldn't be shy to ask a co worker about what I'm supposed to do....i make sure that every thing I do is up to standard

Pros: great opportunist
Cons: great energy

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Fast learner

Like to expend my knowledge Im honest a fast leaner relaible and trustworthy.Like to communicate and help wher I can.To do the extra myle and help were I can is one of my specialties.Comunication and to be a teamplayer between is very importend.Im capable of doing orders,capturing,inventory ,invoicing ,customer services and doing sales as well as follow up on orders.

Pros: Love to learn and Im a quick study
Cons: Yes

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Get all the knowledge to be successful

Be positive at your work place.I"m a team player I'm a fast learner I can do invoicing, data capture,ordering of stock, customer care,filling and sales.To work with people and to be passionate in what I do.To meet my deadline.

Pros: To go the extra myle
Cons: The more you give the more you learn

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Fast Leaner

Invoicing,data capture,filling ,customer service,ordering,sales , follow up on order and pod.To be a team player and help were you can.To cope under pressure.To communicate with your co-workers be friendly and to be helpful.To be successful at the end of the day.

Pros: Be flexible and to go the extra myle
Cons: The more you work the more knowledge you will gain

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Excerlent learning curve

It was nice working for electric express, I would work there again in a heart bit,its just a pity they had closed the shops I gained experience on managing staff, dealing with customers, closing of deals/sales,team playing.

Pros: Opportunity to learn and grow
Cons: Long working hours and during weekends and public holidays

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Each and every company has its own culture.need to change your mind set in order to match with it.

Managing staff and making sure that company is making profit.by retaining our own customers.offering them best customer service ever.we were able to work together as a team as we there to reach one goal.I've learned a lot,administration,banking,management, my job is very challenging if u don't get sales every day need to report figures.

Pros: By carnvading
Cons: 8 hrs

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Coming to work in time...

I worked at electric express under JDG for 3years and the company was closed...now I'm working as self employed under sales...I've learned a lot at electric express I know how to speak to client customer service...

Pros: Great opportunity for promotion
Cons: I worked 8hours

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Excellent learning experience

It was excellent quite experience working with people My relationship with workers was so good I enjoy working with them. I learnt new things every day.. How to work as team.how to associate with them. The most thing I enjoyed is making calls and asking collect debt

Pros: Great opportunity
Cons: Working on holdings

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