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Excellent experience but not for long term

A work day during 2 years leading to the Election is hectic, too many projects that one has to attend to. Mostly the work involves project management and administration. We manage Voting station infrastructure, Recruitment of staff, Training of staff, Finances, Logistics etc Have gained more experience in Project management. I do enjoy the job i am doing currently but there is no room for promotions and no staff training in terms of development in the current job scope. They only offer bursary to study formally through universities and colleges. The challenging aspects in the lack of resources and the conditions we work under. Although the environment is busy as we have to meet short deadlines, it is not good to have scarce resources as it hinders the productivity and the staff moral.

Pros: good experience on election processes and being part of the big event
Cons: Long working hours, tight deadlines, lots of projects running concurrently

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Challenging career,excellent learning curve

This has been a challenging career which pushed me to be at my most.productive all the time.It taught me time management,project management ,to be a team player.It gave me supervisory skills as I had a group of fieldworkers reporting to me.I was also equipped with communications skills at all levels and with diverse people.I was able to work under immense pressure yet effecient and proactive. I enjoyed working with the different stakeholders in the organisation politicians,different government departments,civil society organisations.I enjoyed working on different projects within the organisation which involved recruitment,trainings,community outreach programmes,civil and voter education and ultimately being involved in the biggest project of the country elections (national,provincial and municipal elections).

Pros: Received good experience on numerous skills since I handled different projects.
Cons: contract employment

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Matured as a manager and project manager and administrator

It gave me a platform to draw plans and execute them. I had an opportunity to recruit and train staff for my projects. I have me great fulfillment to see the recruited exel and some grow and mature to permanently join the commission permanently. I learned to be independent be a self starter and meet deadlines. The job made me realize that each employee is important towards the achievement of the goals of the irganization; it is therefore crutially important to play you part diligently, efficeciently and effectively

Pros: Sharpned office management and administration.
Cons: Working under highly stressfull condition

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