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Overseeing numerous update and maintenance project

With my 7 years plus experience as an IT Technical Support Engineer, I am confident that I possess everything necessary to execute the role and all associated duties successfully while coming to you with a proactive approach, exceptional work ethic, and a strong determination to mWith m 7 years plus experience as an IT Technical Support Engineer, I am confident that I possess everything necessary to execute the role and all associated duties successfully while coming to you with a proactive approach, exceptional work ethic, and a strong determination to meet all targets and objectives such aseet all targets and objectives such as

Pros: Rewards if a project is finished before time
Cons: Working on weekends

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Excellent learning environment

The company I am currently working is a great company especially for learning purposes as you don't focus on 1 area of the work. Currently I am running a service desk so my day likely goes from planned to unplanned because I end up not completing my tasks for the day if the service desk gets too busy. I have a good relationship with my co-workers; it's just the 2 of us in our department. I enjoy running the service desk because I interact with different people and there's a lot I have learnt from the different interactions. The most challenging aspect of the job is when I have to deal with rude clients

Pros: Great environment for learning
Cons: No growth

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Building software development career

Digitizing and storing site daily working details. SupaCrush focuses on contract crushing, supplying large volumes of aggregate on very short turnaround times and as a result, my role was developing web pages of such proceedings.

Pros: Opportunity to learn coding standards
Cons: Learning curve

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A good company to starr a career, a lot to learn.

It is a good company to work for, ample opportunity ro grow but growth ia limited as there is no diversity in the work performed. However, learning is not only limited to work but also people's skills, client relations, etc.

Pros: Personnel diversity, room for growth
Cons: Similat type of work on a dialy basis

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Great mentorship received

My time at ELCB has been awesome. I have managed to over come many of my weaknesses and have been shown a great deal of hard lessons that have assisted with my growth as a whole.

Pros: Potential for growth
Cons: Lack of corporate culture

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Good working there with my team but too much work and less salary sometimes you will see your self doing supervisors jobs but when they promote people they don't recognise you while you do your best.

Pros: Promotion for favourites
Cons: 8 hours working days

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Leadership Experience

To obtain employment that will challenge my intellect, my determination, and that will invoke my creativity so that I can utilize my education, skills and past experiences in a way that is mutually beneficial to both myself and my employer and allow for future growth and advancement.

Pros: Salary increment
Cons: long working hours

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The job that I am doing is to capture the files for the employees of the department of education, I have a very good relationship with my co-workers and I have learnt on how to work at human resources department in the government sector, I enjoy working as a group and setting our own target and achieve it, when we started working it was a challenge because I never worked for the government before.

Pros: I do not see any opportunities of promotion hence I am looking for greener pastures and I do not want to get into details as to why there will not any promotion only when I get the chance to be interviewed.
Cons: I work eight hours and and hour of lunch

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C#, asp.net, java, JavaScript

Elcb information services good environment to work for, was contracted for one month. The contract expired last month. I was using following technology stacks UNIX, SQL database, application server, ide, progress programming. Had good relationship with peers and using Jira as platform to allocate tickets for task and sub tasks. Mostly involved in the front end as well back end developing using.net controls for Windows and desktop application. Mainly report to Senior developer from time to time regarding use cases, enterprise architecture design and stories.

Pros: great environment, good relationship amongst colleague
Cons: no overtime pay, limited experience using open edge progress

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Excellent Learning Curve

I am goal driven person,i had to resign from my previous job at a retail company in 2015 to fullfil my dream of becoming an IT Professional.I am an easy going individual who puts work and hard work upfront.Whereever i have been i leave a mark and has an positive impact on co-workers,because i always bring the best ot of them because of my personality.I always encourage people to do best and look for opportunities to grow themselves.I have won many awards both my previous and current workplace because of the attitude and willing,the drive i have.

Pros: great opportunity to grow
Cons: working on public holidas,no 13th cheque

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