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My Typical workload

A typical work day would include email communication within the organisation. Filing, telephone answering., preparing of power point presentations for meetings when required. Compiling of agendas and welcome packs. Taking minutes at meetings. My relationship with co-workers is very good, I am the only employee working under 3 executive managers. - What you have learnt - I have learned how to plan and organise events, do travel arrangements when necessary. - What you enjoy most - Planning and organising events. - The most challenging aspects of the job- because its a non profit organisation there are mainly volunteers, so as the only paid employee, a lot of the work gets given to me and its difficult to get the rest of the volunteers to be effective and efficient at what they do so I end up not delegating enough and doing everything myself.

Pros: flexible hours
Cons: No opportunity to grow

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Typical work day

My typical work day includes email communication within the organisation, All filing and applications drawn up by myself and filed after completion. Diary Management Meeting minute taking Distributing of power point presentation print outs. Setting up of Power point presentations for meetings. Reception and all office admin.

Pros: Flexible hours
Cons: No growth potential

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My standard work day

My work day includes the following All filing All communication via email/sms within the organisation Diary management Reception duties Event planning and organising Travel arrangements.

Pros: Flexible hours
Cons: no growth

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