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learning experience

It's honestly the worst job you could ask for. The environment is unhealthy and management does not take workers seriously. You get paid what they want not what you ask for. They overwork the secretaries and then do even give them salaries that are enough or equivalent to the market.

Pros: None
Cons: Overworked and underpaid

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Excellent experience gained

I love working with numbers and the challenges that comes with it. I get along very well with all of my colleagues. All of my working knowledge is gained by experience throughout the years. I am also know as a Jack of all trades, master at everything. I have gained a lot of knowledge here that I can carry with me. It has been a privilege to work here and I am grateful for the knowledge passed on to me. My typical day is filled with numbers and computer work as well as a lot of paper work, but nothing that I can't handle.

Pros: Growth / challenges
Cons: No further growth / challenges

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