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I have worked for the Department of Education for 25 years as a teacher and lecturer. Work starts at 0700 and I open the office at 0630 for staff to sign the time book. The working hours are from 0700 to 15:30. Daily duties are to supervise lecturers, support staff and monitor students attendants. Most of the staff members respect me we have a good working relationship that is mutual and productive. I have learnt that for workers to be productive they need to be respected, recognised and talked to professionally. You have to listen to their grievances and assist were possible. Involve them in matters that concern them like uniforms working conditions. I enjoy team work and assisting people where they are struggling to achieve their tasks. The most challenging aspects in the job is to motivate people to be productive and to make them see the goals and objectives of the company. To make people realise that they are hired to deliver services on behalf of the organisation.

Pros: Experienced and mature for promotional posts
Cons: Hard working and want to see things done on time and correctly.

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I have gain more experience , can work well on my own as well as with other people around me

It is good working there my relationship with my co-workers is very good cause im a friendly, honest and reliable person. I have learn to do the admin tasks , procurement , using computers and how to treat each other in the right manner and how to cope with pressure and many more. i enjoy every thing that im doing and most of all i learn new things each and every day. for now i dont have any challenge everything is going well , my wish is to get a permanent position and excel im my daily duties for each and every task.

Pros: is to be successful and see the company grow big
Cons: yes

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Good in self motivated

I Completed Matrix 2014.i have study IT & Computer Science at Ehlanzeni TVET College NQF Level 3 but Currently Level 4. I have all experience in IT and Networking. I'm kindly, loving and willing to learn even working under pressure. I 've work to may business during weekend and holiday to get more experience. Thank You to get your time to read my review.

Pros: Great Opportunity to get appointed
Cons: Migrations

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I am a HUMAN RESOURCE post graduate; I am currently employed on a contract base. I am an intelligent individual with effective interpersonal & organisational communication skills which has granted me a potential where I have learned and acquired good Data Capture expertise and the basic techniques of an admin assistant. I also have strong leadership skills which I personally believe that any organisation should have such for the growth of the brand, increase in production and sales and also a decrease in labour turn overs. I believe I have the necessary qualities and skills to undertake this life time opportunity. I have the good key strength to organise my work efficiently. I therefore believe I can mffective contribution to the brand. Your utmost consideration will be highly appreciated.

Pros: Career growth
Cons: Lake of material

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No job security.

I work 4 hours a day, Monday to Friday. I get paid R220 per hour. No work no pay rule apply. There is no job security, the contract may be terminated any moment.

Pros: Shorter working hours
Cons: No job security

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Developed excellent interpersonal skills.

Working at a diverse environment might be a challenge as it is a different cultural experience, with excellent interpersonal skill the challenge becomes harmonious.

Pros: Good career advancement
Cons: Paperwork pressure

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Good in working experience

Ability to keep accurate records and track information Can work under pressure Ability to to plan workload and meet deadline Computer literacy Good in customer service Problems solving and report writing Workplace skills plan Management skills

Pros: Will be a great opportunity to work in your company
Cons: 8 hours

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Challenging environment with lots to learn

- Morning updates and networt mornitoring - Good management and work ethics - Enjoy team work especially during exams - Most engaging tasks and deadlines with clear mandate - learnt networking, server management and technical administration - co-workers are most humble and serious about work with some exceptions - no opportunities for programming

Pros: Excellent collaborations and task
Cons: No room for self growth

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Learning curve

Normal to a busy day, sometimes it is so quite, because auditing a certain section is a process. I have learnt what an audit is, since I was with the banking industry for 8 years and I am still learning. The relationship with my co-workers is good and I enjoy everything that we do.

Pros: Great opportunity for getting a permanent job
Cons: No cons at the moment

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Excellent learning curve

I like working under my company because I have a good relationship with my colleagues and we are a strong team. We always come up with good technics and strategies to get the job done in time. The only challenge is face is the salary, my salary is not enough to take care of and my family and that's why I'm looking for a new job.

Pros: Great opportunity for starters
Cons: Low salary rate

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