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Good for starters especially from varsity

great working relationships with employees, i have learnt most things especially in my position that i did not know

Pros: less opportunity for promotion
Cons: no growth

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Good educational training

APPLICATION FOR DEBTORS CLERK I am writing in response to your post that I have see online I have worked for Eh Hassim Hardware for one year six months,I was in a training session to to get my n6 diploma,I was not getting any salary, I have experience in debtors clerk,I have learned so many in that place like sales in hardware, filling and banking for loans.i believe that I have enough experience in debtors clerk,I can bring a difference in your company,I enjoyed working with many people. I am self motivated, independent,hard working person with the ability to give every effort to my task,I am also reliable and unafraid of any challenge I believe my experience reaches your requirements Kind regards: Pertunia

Pros: Working at Eh Hassim Hardware brings a big difference in my life,now I can work for long hours,we were oppenning at 8:h00 in the morning and closing at 17h00 in the afternoon,now I am not scared to attend any meeting,I know how to share ideas with my colleagues,I can solve any queries with care,I can bring a lot in your company ,my contract ended while I still wanted to be with them,they said they won't take us because the company hasn't got money after they have build a new big shop they was a retranchment on the company so we must go a look forward other job,
Cons: 8h00 to 17h00

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Big opportunities for growth

There is big opportunities for growth. They promote internally before they can recruit outside. There are many different people, different cultures, different religions and beliefs. So it gives one opportunity to know who people behave differently. The company is growing a lot and it is trying it's best to develop it's employees. There is training centre were people Re attending classes and get certificates after. There are bursaries and it also take care of it's own community.

Pros: Opportunities for gr8
Cons: Off only on Sundays

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Experienced with qualification

able to work under pressure, with different cultural group. i am a fast learner who have managed to be able to pay EH Hassim salaries in lessthan 4 months of my internship. i am a dedicated worker who encourage team building and ensure cohesion in the work environment

Pros: swot analysis
Cons: 9 hours per day

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