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I enjoyed the tech stack and the company culture.

On a normal day, I come to the office and 07:50 am, connect to devOps Azure and pull the latest code. Update my DB by running new scripts and stored procedures. Update my edmx, and build my code. Run it and test if its working. Implement the code I did, run and test it. Check in my code and require review. The company culture is awesome and the tech stack used is windows based so I love that. My only issue is that sometimes management is biased towards other employees and I dont like working in such environments.

Pros: Great opportunities and company culture
Cons: Management is biased towards some employees

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Excellent learning curve

Working at eGrowth is a great opportunity for me since I got to learn a lot of how things are done in the industries and how to work with real projects.

Pros: Learnt a lot from the company.
Cons: The pressure working in the company is too much.

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