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Team work, Time management, Chasing Targets and always ready to go an extra mile regardless of working overtime or knocking off very late and get everything according to our team working plans

Pros: Always ready to go an extra mile
Cons: Any time

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I am a fast learner,trustworthy and reliable.

Good day Currently I am a admin clerk for the warehouse. Writing out the picks on a control sheet for pickers and taking it o them. Assists sales ladies on sales and making sure they meet the cut-off times for locals as well as countries. Processing invoices and IBT'S when required. Currently working on Sage Evolution program. Checking warehouse manager on stock captured into the system and signing of the credit notes that has been captured on the system. I have a goo team relationship with my co-workers and are very punctual and accurate on my work. I enjoy my work as it is sometime very rushed and I enjoy getting the work done on time. The most challenging of my job is the long process that it takes to get the work done.

Pros: No benefits
Cons: No benefits

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