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Constant involvment and training is important to stay on the edge

Ensure R/A, DSTI,s, Toolbox talks are done and completed. Compile daily reports to management and client. Audit contractors files and documentation. Site walks to ensure all legal requirements are ad hear to. Talk and interact with employees to report incidents and ensure total happiness. It is enjoyable to be part of a team, to know that you can rely on every one on site to make the HSE task easier. Conduct HSE and other training to employees on; fire fighting, HSE rep duties, working at heights to name a few. HSE in the workplace is always challenging, it is important to stay on top of it all to ensure legal compliance, most of all to ensure total safe working for all employees.

Pros: The HSE incumbent will be used and utelized in various positions from Officer to Manger depends on the projcet or site.
Cons: Construction is known for employees to work longer hours. The HSE officer is needed at all times when work are performed on any construction project or site.

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. It is important to share knowlage, assist where needed and up to date on technology.

I enjoy working outside an office environment, share my knowledge and assist where need be. It is enjoyable to be with employees teaching them the necessity of working in a safe manner and be legal compliant. HSE is a constant learning proses to the incumbent, management and employees, I love to be part of that

Pros: Working on various project make promotion diffculty, give opertunities to work in different environments
Cons: One can not settle into a system or project.

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