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Management experience beyond the call of duty

Edward Snell provides a perfect learning opportunity for their workers. The opportunity presented is one of accountability where you are trusted by your employers with company resources aimed at giving you an easier way to conduct your daily business and win in trade. The modus operandi promotes working in teams. The chemistry of the team is important and ethos is encouraged as this contributes to the overall pleasantness of working at Snell. Among the most fundamental lessons I've learnt in Snell is the function of Key accounts and DC interaction in achieving the set sales goals. The most challenging aspect of the job is the best aspect of it, the real reason we wake up and go fight to reach targets.... The fight to gain volume and share superiority.

Pros: Great opportunity to understand core sales functions and trends in the EC
Cons: Long hours on the road

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Good communicator and decision maker.

I am self starter, I always exercise good working ethics. My training and qualifications would enable me to be suitable candidate for this post and would like to be shortlisted for interview. Would like to be considered for this position. Tel 0814110387

Pros: Great opportunity for position
Cons: Long distance to traveling to work.

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Excellent learning curve

Ghe compsny has no oppertunity for groeth as female . Business exceeds loyalty, and where promises are made it is not kept. They are quick to judhe and keep on judging untill a person breaks. Even asking fir help time and time again, they will not rest until it destroy s you.

Pros: Build relationships
Cons: No room for growth

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Microsoft skills

I am combination of skill, experience and intelligence, with a well rounded career with elements of HR, operations management, sales and marketing, project and as well as operations management. I am aiming on pursuing an advanced diploma in accredited PMI Project management certified.

Pros: Great negotiations skills
Cons: Travelling

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