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Huge professional development jump

My normal day at work involves planning,meetings, administration and driving out to the field to interact with stakeholders amongst many other responsibilities. I work with a team of 25 people and have very good relationships with us getting into conflicts at times but they have learnt to accept constructive criticism which has made us better team over the years. I have learnt to people and interactions over processes and tools. People are very important part or factor in every project to succeed. A project with the best processes and tools in place can fail if the people don't fell involved and do not take ownership of the project. I enjoy the agile approach to project management where it seems as if we need to take aim at a moving target and the need to continuously realign ourselves and not stay in the same space. The most challenging things i have come across in project management are impossible deadlines, resource deprivation, ambiguous contingency plans and lack of stakeholder engagement.

Pros: Learning organization
Cons: Lack of proper management structures

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My life at Edunova

Being at Edunova has helped me grow so much in different aspects, from communication, time management, balancing personal and work life. I enjoy exploring technology as it changes but it requires you to keep up with the changing times. I would really recommend unemployed youth to join EDUNOVA as it's a learning curve. If you also seeking for work experience, it is a recommendation work environment for you. A day at EDUNOVA is basically a day at home as all the colleagues treat each other as a family. What's most challenging is having to deal with the changing times of technology which can change so rapidly at any time.

Pros: Equal treatment
Cons: Long hours, changing Technology

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Excellent learning curve

i work as a lab assistant work well with co- workers communications if not effective enough no feedback how to fix computers and basics computer skills and how to communicate with other employees

Pros: gaining experience
Cons: no communication

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