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Growth opportunity

As a young man I still ambitious on standing with my both feet for making difference in organization. I have experienced non growth company where . My relationship is good even though there is less communication effectiveness. I have learned what are the consequences of non effective communication and working with diverse group. I haven't enjoyed anything,due to less opportunities for recognition and growth. As I like my job I found leas challenges unless knowing that you dealing with people lives and dealing with wages it need no mistake

Pros: Lot of opportunities for satisfaction
Cons: Too much work load

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Excellent work experience

On a typical work day we always striving and working very hard to meet deliverables according to the priority list. We have a very warm and fun relationship with my co-workers. I learnt more about team work and marketing strategies, more so in the education department. I enjoy the brainstorming and coming up with conceptual ideas before actually the execution. The most challenging aspect is that during season the in which we develop new look and feels for the following year campaigns as everything thing has close and extremely tight deadlines.

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Tight deadlines

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Excellent learning curve

I aquiref a lot of skills Sage VIP Sa Sam's Edupac Human resources manager Excellent relationship with my co workers Pleasant working environment I enjoy working at educor holdings & enjoy my responsibilities. Really grateful for the opportunity the company has given me.

Pros: Excellent learning curve,taught me a lot.
Cons: Must be able to multi task always.

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Growth opportunity

Human resources administration includes employee relations, recruitment and selection, payroll administration and skill development and training. Employees satisfaction and performance appraisal

Pros: Lot of opportunities for satisfaction
Cons: Too much work load

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Great Experience

the space provided will not be enough to tell you how much of slavery work i undertake at EPH, however here is a list of some of the work. - i manage all properties with regards to facilities and the operations. co-workers are over paid and not helpful so i end up doing other employees work just so my work can be completed. i have learnt everything i know and this experience has brought me a long way. i enjoy what i do and have not challenges doing it, however i am overwhelmed and over worked which makes this very stressful and there is no appreciation.

Pros: great exposure into the field
Cons: over worked, under paid, verbally abused.

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Less growth

i enjoy work here because i get to assist students into understanding their studies and identifying the kind of learners they are.i advise on subjects that i am good in and enjoy.

Pros: exposure in training people(skills development)
Cons: less growth

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Able to work and excel under pressure

One year of progressive Creditors clerk experience as well as assistant to FM and Financial Accountant. Processing monthly and daily Invoicing/Expenses on creditors Module on Mda (Cloud service for Property company). Ensuring payments are made on time and no due dates are compromised. Maintaining a checklist for expenses and ensuring all expenses are recorded in the correct period and on time. Preparing Monthly Creditors Recons for each property company within agreed upon timeframes. Ensuring all invoices are authorised before capture on Mda system. All outlined in my CV

Pros: Able to work under pressure , team player, fast learner
Cons: Love working extra hours becauze work gets done faster .

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Excellent project management, great communication, administration

I am able to work under pressure and under very stressful situations. I have learned to be a great team player and be an individual player as well. I have only been working for 17 months and I am enjoying the work environment as I learn something new everyday.

Pros: Great environment that allows growth
Cons: long working hours

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