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I am fast learner and always pay attention to details and hard working person.

COVER LETTER To whom it may concern. I am Xolelwa Ngqolowa, residing at Plot 17, 2791 Vander Lande Rd, Princess 1724 I would like to bring this, to the management’s attention that, I’m willing to assist the company in terms of improvement and brighter future for the Company in this country. Please consider my CV / application for the open vacancy, I am well aware that any position, requires a Candidate with character and integrity, therefore I am honored to say that my creativity Transparency, and, sensitivity, to the needs of others would be very beneficial for this vacancy. I adapt to change Very well and work well, under pressure; I can handle backlogs professionally and effectively in any environment. I sincerely believe that my characteristics can make this business more productive. I am focused and my Integrity and reputation, for service excellence will improve performance and team spirit within the employees Sincerely. Yours in service. X. Ngqolowa.

Pros: Yes
Cons: Sometimes

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My review in this organisation it was good every we did ,we did on a meaner that no one must left behind, and we must work together so that we can achieve a better goal for the organisation.

Pros: To be part of management
Cons: working on weekends

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Good fast learner

Ensure accuracy and signature of supply invoices. Capture incoming stock and invoices as well correspondence into the system. I like to do that everyday. I am a peoples person with full of jokes. I enjoy when we doing the asset verification and barcoding because it like a game bt at the same time you have to be carefull and concentrate. The most challenging aspect is the inventory because you need to be carefull at all times when you enter the Requisition number, Amount and the date must correspond with the one written on the Requisition book.

Pros: Learn new things and be a hard worker
Cons: working underpressure

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The change in curriculum was the best thing that could have happen in South Africa

i really enjoy my work environment at the moment. Everyday is like a new beginning because you do not know what you are going to expect from your learners daily. You also know that they are looking forward to coming to your class as they get surprised daily. I have a pleasant relationship with my co-workers as we are very close knit group and work as a team. If you are feeling down they have ways of cheering you up. Management though is very secretive and backstabbers. Instead of leading they are chasing and that make a lot unease. But i have learned theta to do your job and not get involve in work politics keeps you sane and happy. I really love teaching new things and see how learners brighten up when they grasp a new concept. The appreciation that filters through them is great.The most challenging factor is the diversity of our learners and the big differences they have. This makes it very difficult to treat them equally concerning work load .

Pros: Growth of the leaners potential
Cons: Slow learners vs fast working learners

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Team work

Working for dept of education mostly is about teaching and learning but from my side it's about supplying schools with their tools of learning for example chairs,desks and procuring for them books when there is a need.i have great retaliationship with my colleagues and we are working as a team ,what I have learnt is that I must take iniatiative in the absence of my supervisor like take responsibility in deduction making and always be able to solve problem in her absence.I enjoyed procuring for management accommodation ,catering and transportation ,preparing documentation for the purpose of issuing an order and I print these orders using LOGIS system that is what I like most doing my job.

Pros: I was once promoted from being registry clerk to being provisioning admin clerk
Cons: Stay after hours month ends just to do reports for fincom meetings

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Excellence learning Curve

My relationship was Okay.they were treating me just like everyone.I have how to use a print out machines so as capturing learners works and how to behave in the working environment because it's was my 1st job.I enjoyed working in the office more especially with computers.

Pros: great opportunity for Voluntee
Cons: long working hours

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Excellent learning curve.

I type and print documents on daily basis. I compile financial report. I also take minutes during meetings. I am a data capturer and do filling. -I have a good working relationship with my co-workers. -In ma position I have learnt communication skills and how to deal with challenges of working under pressure in an unfriendly environment. -I enjoy meeting deadlines. -Insufficient resources.

Pros: Since I have worked hard and many years in this company, I really deserve promotion, or employed permanent. I deserve the best.
Cons: I work under long strenuous hours hence the company is understaffed

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I like to excel in what ever activity I do at work to make by best

I am Ntlaninge momelezi Boyce, I am able to work under pressure to meet deadlines, and to work alone. At any working condition, I likto be dedicated to increase production of the environment. I have bee a teacher SGB for two years teachingI am Ntlaninge momelezi Boyce, I am able to work under pressure to meet deadlines, and to work alone. At any working condition, I likto be dedicated to increase production of the environment. I have bee a teacher SGB for two years teaching Agric sciences and mathematics grade 12, I also do have experience of being a PA and administration work Agric sciences and mathematics grade 12, I also do have experience of being a PA and administration work. I have Tertiary qualification. To use phone is my hobby

Pros: I am looking for opportunity for promotion
Cons: 5 hours day

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Good learning environment

I have the knowledge of four years in total teaching electronics, technology and mathematics. Studying mathematics, electronics and mathematics methodology helped me build my self esteem which contributes to my self confidence whereby I am prepared to work hard. The opportunity presented in this listing is very interesting and I believe that my strong technical experience, education and work experience will make me a very competitive candidate for this post. The key strengths that I possess for success in this position include: • Having successfully achieve 86% pass rate at FET level • Having successfully designed motion sensor in my final year • I strive for continued excellence.

Pros: Developing work ethics, professionalism etc
Cons: Not longer challenging.

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Working situation

I believe if I could have this job, it wont be on my own benefit but I believe also the company will gain a lot, due to the experience I've gained from the university and also from the work I was doing as an admin clerk and data capture. I believe I will be the best and suitable candidate for this post. I am able to work in a team and also independent because I am also an accurate person who always want to learn new things from the work place and also from the colleague, I make friends ship so that the work run smooth, and I believe I have to ask for help if I am not sure of anything not to make mistakes

Pros: Work delivering
Cons: 8 up

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