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Great Learning Curve

We use online software to facilitate English classes using software called Axis 2.0. Together with PowerPoint slides, and audio and/or video, we interact with students from across the globe. Brazil, China, Saudi Arabia, Spain and many many more. These are adult professionals who want to learn English as a second language, usually for work and travel purposes. This job has helped me learn a lot about different countries and cultures. It has also taught me a great deal of patience and understanding towards people. When a student does not understand a task in English, it is my job as a teacher to hold the student by the hand and walk through them in the lesson, right until they understand and have learned something new. The hours are quite challenging though. I work through the weekend on Friday to Monday night from 7p.m. till 6a.m. Working nights is due to the various times zones we have to accommodate in other countries. This can strain the body a bit, working 10 hours a day and 4 days a week.

Pros: Experience, People, Fullfilment of helping someone and working with people
Cons: Extreme working hours

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Excellent opportunity to learn and communicate with different people

My day at work starts with viewing my schedule and how many classes I will be tutoring. Then I start preparing for the first lesson and opening the virtual classroom. I also read about the students interactions with other tutors and what the student's direction is. I then start teaching the lesson as soon as the student enters the classroom. The lessons usually last for 40 minutes. During the lesson, I need to type in the student's strengths and weaknesses and areas that they need to improve on and also complete a report for the student and for the next teacher. As soon as the lesson is over I have approx 5-10 minutes before the next lesson will start. During that time I prepare for my next lesson.

Pros: Great bonus if you meet your monthly KPI's
Cons: Repetition and lack of flexibility

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Good starting point

A typical day at work involves using the lesson material to provide English lessons to people of various ages and from across the globe. We don't get to interact much with co-workers apart from during lunch or 5 - 10 minutes between classes. What I enjoy the most is getting to interact with people from different countries. The most challenging thing

Pros: autonomy
Cons: irregular work hours

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Good learning

I love to work with children.I learned their diffirent opion about diffirent issues, some of them are easy to handly and other are more difficult to handly.The difficuties come with those lazy to do their wofk easy one are able to challenge you with issues and able to handly any task given. Ilove the most is that when not agree with one point.but their able to accept and move on to the following day.l learn that all days are not the same some go well some have challegies. I learn to be patient about today situation becuase to morrow will be diffirent and able to handly situation with care and follow all procedure and protocol. The Colleges some are help full and other are not helpfull.

Pros: Yes
Cons: Yes

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Working for Education First has been incredibly boring. I work all weekends and if I want to do something or go somewhere on the weekend I need to apply for leave. This is unrealistic for a young professional with a social life and a large family. The salary is way below market value and there are very few opportunities for advancement. There is no corporate culture because everyone works different schedules.

Pros: Working with international clients
Cons: No weekends and below market value earnings.

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Petience and communication

Lot of work,competent and a lot of pressure but manageable. To be w hard worker and meet bread lines works profitiently as work load does not built up and cause inconveniences and stress.Overall team work is very critical and important.

Pros: Room for improvement
Cons: Gaining skill

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It taught me a lot of patience

The basic overview of my duties as teaching English to people all over the world from different walks of life and English speaking levels. I also assessed their reading and writing abilities and prepared them for English exams they need to take to work abroad or study abroad

Pros: Easy to do work... doesn’t require an extensive skill set
Cons: Long working hours and a harsh working environment that had no reporting structure

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