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The current coaching aspect is a part time occupation. This means the part of my day that isn't spent coaching, i spend planning what to coach (plan what to execute). In the last three years of coaching I have gotten experience in planning and implementing a full pre-season. In the 2019 pre-season I was in charge of the planning and execution of Goodwood Rugby Clubs's pre-season, which was a complete new challenge. I have a very good relationship with my co-workers. I can work with anybody. I really enjoy being put outside of my comfort zone and and getting the opportunity to strive for difficult deadlines/ objectives. Currently the most challenging aspect of my work is finding ways to implement my planning when aspects don't go according to plan, such as equipment or players, not being available.

Pros: Get to keep learning and have allot of time for planning
Cons: Work is partime

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Excellent Learning Curve

One thing I enjoyed about being a teacher was that it allowed me to be my own person in my classroom. I was able to express who I was as a person in the way that I taught. One of the most rewarding things about being a teacher is watching what you've taught your learners being put into practice. There's nothing better than watching your class get excited because they finally understand something.

Pros: Very friendly staff
Cons: Hypocritical leaders

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