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I do bussiness admistration learnership which include every thing in admin.

working in the company is a precious thing becauseI love my work I am a team play relible in every thing I do I enjoy My work and I has communication skill.I bill patients files(h2,h3,mva,wca) I even write off patients files correcting errecovable debt,using paab and bas but the most challenging thing is you has to be focus and now inm used to It i dont mistakes.I even do invoices ,inconme statements. MY mentos know Me very well.They know I am a fast learner and I a,m, able to adapt very Quivkly because I thrive on accepting new chalenges in every thing i do in my life that test My current skills (knoledge).

Pros: I let people to know how to manage the are cash flows beleave in partnership in bussines.Peoble they must love bussines In life,they must know how to ,manage it buy anquire lot of knoledge and skill in bussness so that they will manege hign turn overs .
Cons: 9 hours

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Excellent learning curve

I work in ICU. Nursing critical patients is a challenge because you are never sure whether the patient will make it or not, but it becomes a great achievement when that patient gets well. I have learn how to deal with depressed patients and their family members. I do not fear anger anymore, because I understand emotions of a patients. I work well with my co-workers. Communicating issues is a good skill to create a good working environment. I enjoy my work because I do it with passion. I do my best to fulfill needs of my patients and make sure they are happy with my service even though they are suffering with illness. I do not enjoy the working hours. Working 12 hours in critical environment is depressing. I spend less time with my family because I come home exhausted

Pros: No promotions. As a nurse one has to study to move to a higher position or wait for 5 to 10 years of service to move to the next level.
Cons: Long working hours are a problem if the environment is critical. 8 hours a day is better for me and I do not mind working overtime if necessary.

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Good environment amenable to learning

Fantastic exposure in the Emergency Department with lots of opportunities to learn and grow as a medical professional. I have grown so much of the last year and grown substantially as a doctor managing emergencies in a busy emergency department.

Pros: Good exposure to disease profiles
Cons: Long hours

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It was a great opportunity for me to work as a child nurse specialist

IIt has been quite an experience for me the work load and versus the staff members. Have learned that I adapt well to change and can work under any circumstances and still strive to give my best.

Pros: It was a great opportunity for a promotion
Cons: It is quite far from home and the long hours

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Brilliant learning industry

The experience gained within the industry is very important to me that I can utilize it in any department that I will give me any chance to work with them.

Pros: Great opportunity for growth
Cons: Normal working hours

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Challenging to be come the best I can be

Every week we do inspections for every premises around the hospital, then we compile reports and in the reports we list challenges and recommendations. We always work as a team to come up with the solutions for every situation we encounter during the inspection of the premises. I enjoy taking food samples and water samples the most. The most challenging thing is when we find same problems in the premises and they are not resolves. I have learn that we must work with other departments in the hospital to resolve problems.

Pros: Great opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge into practice
Cons: Long working hours

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I believe I am the best candidate for this position just because I meet the requirements and experience and skills you are looking for .i think you need someone like me who can produce results and my background and experience are proof of my ability.I am hard worker and confident I have ability to work as team I enjoying working with other people's

Pros: Installations and configuration
Cons: Installation

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Very Good

Register patients into the pacs system.also book them for a special visit consultation. I have a good relationship with my colleagues and we have became more of family and work Good together. I have learnt how to interact with different patients daily,how to communicate with colleagues or anyone around me.

Pros: Learning
Cons: Long hours

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Very extremely experience cuve

To work within hospital environment give me customer service care skills, interpersonal skills, good communication skills and abilities to work under pressure because I was dealing with a lot of people and different of people.

Pros: experience opportunities
Cons: long hours working

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Nice environment for learning and gaining experience.

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Pros: That its a government institution
Cons: Bad top management

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