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Great staff. Always willing to help and always smiling. Understanding of individuals.

Friendly staff. Understanding of individuals and their needs on a daily basis. Always willing to help in all possibke ways. My co workers and patients loved having me around as i am vibrant and understanding of others. Over the years working at the company i have learn to understamd a little of other languages as well as to prioritize the needs of my clients. I loved working with new people on a daily basis and helping them in what they need. It makes me happy to know that i had helped making them feel comfortable and cared for. Challenges that i have faced shen working are dealing with people that are not stable with regards to helth and mind. Language barriers were often a difficulty but the staff always stepped in and helped out.

Pros: Staff empowerment; family orientated;
Cons: Long working hours; average salaries;

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Hard working person who is willing to learn.

i am good in building relationship with my co workers. i learned a lot espeacilly in communicating with workers, i enjoyed working with there because they were so friendly and easy to talk too.

Pros: great place to advance my career
Cons: long working hours

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Excellent learning curve

Have de ability 2 apply what I learned in class in 2 de workplace, have team work ability, have time management skill,confidence and computer literate

Pros: Great opportunity to develop your career
Cons: Dealing with matters of life and death daily

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