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Supply chain management

The kind of I was working was enjoyable since we were working with different races of people so I've learnt to interact with differenet people and I have good relationship with my co workers as we use to work as a team and the most challenging thing is where I have to do the qoutation as the buyer and place plenty number of orders in a short period of time but I decided to multi task my work so that I cannot be a failer

Pros: I couldn't get promotion since I was an intern
Cons: we worked for 9 hours a day

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Good learning curve

It was an in-service training for 18 months, i started at Patient admin where we were opening files, retrieving files from archives. Opening new cases, photocopying, answering phones, doing weekly statistics. Then i moved to Hr assisting nurses and doctors at registry for their pay slips, compiling Rural allowance for doctors who are interns. And lastly i went to Supply chain

Pros: Great experience
Cons: Normal working hours

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I gained that experience i was needed in excellent manner

I am a 22 year old ambitious female who is prepared to achieve the desired goals of the Job description. I am a hard worker, self-motivated, goal oriented individual who is always looking for a challenge to enhance my skills and knowledge, I like to interact with other people and adapt easily to different kinds of environment. I have good communication skills, telephone skills. I have since developed my desire in department of Health as INSERVICE TRAINEE to empower more knowledge. I am able to work different kinds of shifts and under pressure. I can speak isiXhosa and English.

Pros: owesome
Cons: 48 hours

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Dedicated hard working person

I'm a hard and dedicated somebody who loves to learn new things Able to meat dead lines Able to work with teams Good communication skills Good interpersonal skills I'm some one who loves growth in life

Pros: Likes to grow in life
Cons: Able to meet dead lines

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Microsoft word,excel,access,typing

Attending meetings, taking minutes, filing, making booking, photocopying, faxing, emailing, dealing with transfers, keeping and submitting stats and presenting of information through graphs.

Pros: yes
Cons: long

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Be patient on everything you tougth to learn quickly

Typical work day when I did rich the goal of the day Relationship with co-workers good team working and good communication Enjoyed working alone not depending on other people

Pros: yes depends on your hard working
Cons: 19hrs

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Chance to grow

Every day I get to work at about 7:30 in the morning, staff that have been working night shift are already waiting for us to assist them with any HR related issues, then from there you do your daily job ( leave,allowances, exist, recruitment screening and Shortlisting,employees related issues ( investigation of grievances and misconducts)

Pros: Benefits
Cons: Chances for promotion

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