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Good learning curve

I had to learn more about people & deal with different character. It was at first challenging but I grew & learned how to deal with different types of people. I learned so much respect for each individual I had to assist. It weren't easy but it was all worth it

Pros: Great opportunity for sales
Cons: Long working hours

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Good learning curve

I have been working at this company for three years without experiencing stock or cash shortages. My problem is that whenever they employ a new candidate, they act like I'm not part of the company and can promote a new person to supervise me though I know better than her. They would start communicating with her in private, promising her more money if she can find out what I'll be doing wrong so that they get a chance to fire me or someone I'll be working with even though I work as hard to make sure sales go well. This makes me feel like I'm not appreciated even though I work hard for them.

Pros: Humble beginning
Cons: They do not acknowledge good working ethic

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Excellent admin, computer literacy

I find passion working here, as a person who loves working with people and interact with them, it's a great pleasure for me to be here, I learned alot, work very well with my colleagues, Im very good at convincing a customer to buy not forcing them though, it's a great experience, my customer service is very good, it's a very small shop so I don't find it challenging some would say stocktake but to me even that it's nothing. Because if you enjoy and love what you doing nothing ever challenging.

Pros: If you are a person who is shy all that fade away because here we do a face to face sale
Cons: Long working hours

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